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“Calmly, watch my movements!” He answered cheerfully.
Olezhek, tying Valery’s legs in sexy and sodgy stockings, threw the rope over one of the steps of the ladder and with a movement of her hand lifted her legs high up, as if she now began to hang at the same time on her arms and legs.
Her pink ass was wide-open, and Oleg inserted Lerochka’s finger directly into the anus.

– You’ll know how to eavesdrop! He rotated and rotated them there, and when he took out, it turned out that his finger was smeared in her feces.
He brought it to Lerochka’s mouth and made him suck.
She did not even resist, absorbed by the drug without a trace.
Olezhek, apparently pleased with the result, with both hands took hold of her ass and began to relish in moving her cock in her pussy. Live sex cam room.

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