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The lights of the city, blurred on the road wet from the rain.
I walked along the pavement.

It was cold, the water of the river flowed somewhere into the unknown.
I stopped.
I could not stop looking at this element.
Just stood, leaning on the fence of the bridge, and looked at the water.
It reflected the lights of the night restaurant, I looked through its windows.
How many men and women were there, talking strangely about nothing.
I saw you.
You were so beautiful, in your elegant business suit, like a business man, but so relaxed, Sitting in a deep armchair.
yearning for something.
You were alone.
I stood and looked into your eyes, you thought about something, you were not here now, you were somewhere far away.
I continued to admire your eyes, lips, as you smoked.
, releasing smoke in small rings.
Your hands shook off the ashes, so involuntarily, then reached for a glass of wine.
You drank, put it in place, continuing to smoke, thinking about something.
And I, everything stood and looked, my hands were chilly, I was all shoved, but I remained in place.
Suddenly, you got up, went to the wardrobe, put on your coat and headed for the exit.
I was confused, I did not know what to do to get your attention.
I watched your every step, not coming off.
You went out.
My voice trembled, but, nevertheless, I found the strength and called out to you.
“Young man!”.
You turned around.
without understanding what is happening.
, a voice from the dark, from the side of the bridge, called for you.
You could not restrain your curiosity, you go to the call of this trembling, slightly low voice.
Before you, there was a girl in a long coat, on high heels and it seemed that she was about to fall from exhaustion.
Her face was so young, tender.
, not beautiful, but inviting.
You liked it.
You could not take your eyes from her, from her all.
You approached.

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He hugged her around the waist, holding her so tightly that she heard her breath.
She answered you with a kiss.
And it seemed that you knew each other for ages.
You began to kiss each other so passionately, you could not get enough of these kisses, they were so hot, in this cool wind.
You sat her on the fence of the bridge, the girl’s coat swung open, baring her legs.
You ran along them, right up to your hips, and your hand went under the skirt.
She rushed like mad, not looking up, not for a second, from this ass.
How you liked her.
You were all ready to kiss her, right here on the cold bridge.
You pushed the stockings, your hand rushed under the panties.
The girl uttered a deep moan that excited you even more.
You could not stop, you kissed her neck, lips, ears, you could not enjoy her smell.
You rip off her skirt, your eyes open her panties, fishnet shorts.
uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm, you couldn’t resist saying you.
hands brazenly again climb into panties, delivering such joy to a girl, they bring warmth to her body, despite the cold weather.
Your finger is immersed in it.
touches the clitoris.
Oh lord like that
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, you are excited, you can not wait to make her happy right here.
The finger slides across the rose, not missing a single centimeter, studying every little corner.
stroking this girl with your finger.
looking into her eyes.
Your look was incomprehensible, not like any, he fascinated me, I melted.
My body relaxed so much that I almost fell into the river, but you held me with your mighty hands.
I clung to you so much that I could not stop my unrestrained breathing, I was choking with fright.
I was so scared by the fact that now, this will all end.
you hugged me tight, offered a ride to the house, I agreed.
At that moment, I agreed to everything, just to be with you for an extra minute.
We drive in the car, just keep quiet, we do not know what to say to each other.
We do not even know each other.
I look at the wet road, it reflects the whole night city.
I was so sad.
I did not want to lose you, did not want to part.
!!! My thoughts burst out loud.
You looked at me, you understood what I was thinking.
We turned, drove in the wrong direction that I needed.
but it made me happy.
You braked sharply, we almost flew into a ditch.
, turned to me, approached very close, to my very lips ,.
, still, still, and each time he became stronger and stronger, your hand reached under the blouse, there was no bodice.
you touched your breast, your nipples were so hard, excited.
you stretched your lips to them, throwing me back into the chair.
You kissed me all over, my body was so excited that I

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asked you to enter me.
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