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Rosa listened with surprise to this strange dispute.
There was a white speck of dried sperm above the lip, but with it it looked even more attractive.
I stepped over the shorts on the floor, picked them up and put them on the chair.

Mila, like a cat, walked around the still Rose, took her back by the waist, began to stroke her lower abdomen.
Then one hand reached up to her chest, and the other gently dived into Rosa’s underwear.
– Rose, take off your clothes.
We have our own world here, we dress only when we go somewhere.
Get used to it.
Rose began to t-shirt.
She did it so elegantly that I wanted to turn on the music.
– Rose, Mila, wait.
Rose has stopped.
I went to the center, quietly turned on the music and turned to the girls.
Rosa continued her striptease, but now it was an elegant spectacle to the music of Vivaldi.
Rose’s chest was really gorgeous.
Huge burgundy nipples on a chocolate body.
In a form as small watermelons with cut off hats.
Rose really fit her name.
Lush dark hair falling below shoulders, a beautiful Asian face with full lips, large forehead and cheekbones.
I looked at Rosa and represented her standing on the podium of the contest “Miss Universe”, where such various dazzlingly beautiful best daughters of their peoples gather.
A rose would take a worthy place among these beauties.
Mila blinked at me from behind Rosa’s shoulder, still continuing to stroke her across the belly.
I walked over to Rosa, hugged her and Mila standing behind her, and slightly crouched, thrust a long-standing member between Rosa’s legs, until I felt how I touched Mila’s foot.
Rosa had no fright on her face.
She let her eyelids down and rolled her eyes slightly.
I took hold of the elastic and slowly pulled the skirt with the shorts down.
My hands slid over velvet dark skin.

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A slightly fluffy pubis of Rosa appeared before the gaze, behind which was the smartest clitoris, sticking out and resembling a mussel.
Behind him began the same plump lips as those who had recently embraced my penis.
I stooped to let Rosa step over her clothes.
She gently raised her chiseled legs in neat high shoes.
Lifting my head, I touched my lips to Rosa’s clitoris.
He was incredibly large, something like a man’s head at the end of a member.
I licked it several times, smoothly passing the entire length of the tongue and touching it with the tip of the tongue.
Rosa idly spread her legs wider and tilted her head on Mila’s shoulder.
– Fedya, well, try the new one.
What hole do you start? – Don’t break it off.
– You do not break off, you still fuck her like a dog bitch.
– Milka, well shut up.
It is worth noting that Mila had to endure a lot in his incomplete 30 years.
Born in a small town.
From her school photos, a smiling girl with big blue eyes was looking at me.
She was an angel in the flesh, loved by the whole city.
But she did not want to stay there.
After the 9th grade I went to the city to seamstress.
I had to live in a hostel and the first tears shed there when drunk boys from the next quarter climbed into the room at night and deprived Milka of virginity.
The boys were put in prison, but this incident became so widely publicized that Milka could not easily walk through the city.
Then the mother of one of the boys spat on her back and cursed after her, then the friends of those boys shouted “whore” to her and threw beer bottles at her.
It became unbearable to live in the city, but we no longer wanted to return to

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the village.
And then she listened to the advice of her friend, who called her to work as a housewife in Turkey.
Disclaimer: This story contains scenes of overt violence with many bloody details that could have an adverse effect on your psyche.
Any coincidence with the original characters of the works of other authors is accidental and has no relation to them.
Yours, your author.
Camp Squad.
Like night, in this world, day came suddenly.
For half an hour, in which the mercenaries aptly put their breakfast, the sky inevitably brightened.
In a short time, the emerald color of the sky finally changed to a light-green, and Shadri rested her gaze on her eye.
Rubbing her eyes, she looked again at the familiar landscape, but nothing had changed.
“Synchronous teleportation,” she muttered as if to herself.
With a twist, with feeling, – Anomalies! – Why did you suddenly twist so much? – hugging her waist, Olta whispered in her white-haired ear. Nikita lux bongacams.

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