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It seems that she immediately managed to completely relax the muscles, which had securely locked her female wide ureter before.
Urine noisy stream rushed to the floor.
Olga urinated for at least a minute.

The first half – thirty seconds – the pressure of the jet suddenly changed.
It seemed that a young woman selflessly fights for the vitality of her bladder, pouring out dangerous liquid from it.
At the very beginning of urination, the main sound was the fluid pouring onto the concrete floor under great pressure.
Urine fizzled and foamed.
New and new portions of female urine have already fallen into a spontaneously formed puddle, and the sound has become more “wet” – boiling.
When the first glasses were pulled out of Olga (only seconds passed), she seemed to strain her abdominal muscles, squeezing her bladder and giving the jet additional pressure.
Her ureter made a distinct “ff-ss-uk” and a whistling sound was added to the hiss, as if Olga had a whistle in the crotch.
The whistle intensified, weakened, – tired, the woman stopped squeezing the bladder.
It also seemed to change the direction of the jet, since, with less pressure, urination was accompanied by a much larger amount of juicy dripping sounds, while straining, Olga began to waxen and “cut” the concrete floor with a powerful directional jet.
More than half a minute has passed.
The blonde once again stiffened, and the flow of urine sounded “fssyknuv” suddenly stopped.
I distinctly heard several drops falling behind the total company fell into a puddle. Russian live sex cam.

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