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And also, I bought a dress.
I have long wanted something like this.
But, there was nobody to dress up for.

And now it was !!! Pretty short hem, one and a half palm above the knees.
With a large neckline, and short sleeves! Sea green.
Well, just lovely! Tanya said that I was very happy, and I myself saw it in the mirror.
For these pleasant troubles, the day flew by not noticeably.
And we went home.
That day, we talked a lot with Tanya.
About her, about me, about life.
She envied me, my relationship with Andrew.
Our frequent absences, such as sitting, drinking tea, followed

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by a shower and changing panties.
I reassured her that she had a husband and children, and here I had.
But, in fact, the conversation concerned, not the family itself, but intimate life.
After the birth of children, it did not work out for them, like that.
Perhaps the passion is gone, but just to love each other, they have not yet learned.
I, in passing, told her about the joys of oral sex, mentioning as an anal option.
About how it excites, when near, at least within earshot, others have sex! Well, and if you see them, then it is generally – “full fly”! And I thought that I could help them and diversify my “leisure”.
And we, with Andrew, can set an example in this.
The fact is that there was a sauna in the sanatorium.
Very good sauna, for those times.
There was a Russian steam room, sauna, lounge, small pool, massage room, and even billiards! So, it could be rented for the night, for a small amount.

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Moreover, now, in the offseason! And I offered her to go there with the “men.”
Have some rest, relax yourself and “start” them.
After all, it is not necessary, we wear a swimsuit with her, beautiful lingerie will also come down! What will you do? Two women, it is always a “conspiracy.”
The phone rang.
I got up and picked up the phone.
Called daughter.
She said: “Mom, you asked me for a ticket to rest.
I finally got in the “same sanatorium”! But, we must go tomorrow.
The sanatorium card will be ready for dinner, and the train will be at nine in the evening! ”
And I.
And then she sat down on a chair, and sat for a long time, “digesting” the news.
That evening, after a trip to the city, I made a splash! At dinner, I appeared in a purchased dress, and even in black stockings.
And if they, all, still saw the linen, dressed under a dress! That, probably, all peasants would need an ambulance! Andrew, too, was somewhat “dumbfounded” when he saw me.
And in my ear, I immediately “expressed” what he wants to do with me: “When we return to the building, I will have to“ spank you on the ass ”! Well, “it is impossible” to be so beautiful! They are all “, he nodded his head toward the rest of the rest, and continued with a chuckle:” Now, choke on saliva! Here will choke, and you will be guilty! “.
Then furtively, he kissed me.
And, to inflame him even more, I whispered in his ear: “When you will“ slap ”me, see for yourself, do not“ choke on saliva ”from what I saw! I bought such panties.
, And rolled her eyes, from “delight.”
The reaction was instant.
Immediately, in his pants, “grew a hill”.
Well, I, from what he saw, again “flowed, and I would wet” panties! But the “new thing” was a secret! I congratulated myself and thought it was right to dress them up! The fact is that panties.
How to say it, they were with a “hole”.
The fabric was only until the middle of the pubis, further, to the middle of the buttocks, there were two straps, but there was no fabric there.
When I wore them, and walked down the street, then, at first, I felt naked. Security cam sex tube.

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