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You have never complained about what is happening.
Do you need to change anything at all? (Elena thought for a while) – I don’t know, doctor.
Frankly, today I allowed a completely unfamiliar man to fuck me at the entrance – is this normal? I especially did not even consider it.

I only remember the pressure, the passion and his surprise.
As soon as we ended, I kicked him between my legs so that he would not go behind me and run away.
I’m worried about my uncontrollable behavior, and I’m ashamed, but I can’t do anything with myself.
– Is this an isolated case of deviant behavior? Were there any other cases in your life for which you are ashamed? Cases associated precisely with sexual desire.
– Yes.
Remember, I told you about Angela? It was not easy with her at all.

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I may have found a permanent boyfriend for myself, but she so gently and imperceptibly involved me in these madnesses that there was no question of any relationship.
Sometimes, it seems to me that she crossed all bounds in her designs, and I always contributed to her.
– Is there any particular case of border crossing? – Yes, I still feel a little ashamed of my deed.
All her skills were enough to hang on sites and download all that is possible.
And somehow she was a board that caught the virus.
She has a panic, take a lecture soon.
We were already in the third year at that time, it was nearing the equator.
In general, there is nothing to do, Angelica dialed the number of one familiar boy.
The boy was a classic zadrotik.
Naturally and blatantly adored Angela, but he was wary of her, knowing what the consequences might be if he somehow manifests his pretensions.

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One call – and Acne is already here.
Glasses, antennae, not very clear skin, embarrassed, shy.
They put him at the computer and explained the task.
Acne from confusion and our fairly outspoken home outfits even forgot why he came.
We, meanwhile, went into the next room, and Angela offered to drink a bottle of brandy.
We did not even notice how the brandy quickly hit us in the head.
Angela was already giggling uncontrollably, sometimes we kissed her and even forgot about the existence of Vitalik, when suddenly he entered the room and modestly mumbled that he had already finished.
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