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“What are you,” interrupted Henry, smiling.
“And stop calling me Earl Goldman: I feel old!” “Forgive me, Henry,” Eilen smiled gently at him.
Eilen sat down next to the earl on a soft couch and, with a frozen heart, looked into his emerald eyes.

“Did you want to tell me something, Ellie?” Why are you running around the castle in an evening dress at such a late hour? – He asked with a sly smile.
“Yes, I wanted to talk to you,” the girl began in a naive voice.
His heart pounded frantically in his chest, threatening to jump out of it directly into the arms of the earl.
And Henry, meanwhile, was watching this gentle girl, who in her shyness looked to the floor.
She was beautiful.
Big and naive eyes, plump lips, maddening his imagination, reddish long hair that was in tune with her freckles.
“I listen to you, Ellie,” he encouraged the girl, running his hand over her cheek.
In response to the touch, Eilen looked up at him, feeling herself small and fragile compared to this man.
Henry understood, only by looking into her eyes, and then at the

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parted lips, which were dangerously close to his lips.
The count took her face in his hands and pressed his lips to these tender and sensual lips, which did not know the touch of a man before.
Eilen closed her eyes, surrendering herself to the power of her beloved man, feeling his touch on his cheeks, neck.
His hands fell below, simultaneously caressing every cell of the body.
They reached the chest and began to gently crush it through the thin fabric of silk.

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“Henry,” the girl gasped, clinging to the earl with her whole body.
Inside, everything was burning.
It seemed that a fire was starting in the lower abdomen and between the thighs.
The body was captured by insane passion and desire to fully surrender to this man.
“Henry,” she whispered again as he turned his lips to her neck, forcing the girl to glow even more.
– Yes, my baby? – responded the count, barely restraining the passion, bursting out and demanding to tear off all the clothes from this young girl.
“I want to be yours,” Eileen finally managed to speak, trembling all over.
These words had an effect on Henry as a trigger: in one motion he put the girl in front of him on the sofa, making her startled by surprise and surging excitement.
The power and power of the count insanely excited Ellie, causing her panties to get wet harder and harder.
But, soon, Henry delivered the girl from them with one jerk.
“You have such a beautiful dress, Allie,” he whispered.
“But I don’t have the patience to understand all of his strings.”
I’ll buy you a new one.
After these words, Henry simply ripped the thin fabric on her chest.
Ellie did not mind: she also wanted to quickly get rid of all the clothes in order to feel the warmth of her beloved with her whole body.
The man tore off his shirt and pressed his hot body Ellie to the sofa, not allowing her to move.
She felt his strength and heat, but also her helplessness.
His short beard, which had grown up in just a few days, sweetly tickled the girl’s neck, while kissing.
Eileen under these kisses and forgot that they were in the library, which at any time could enter someone from the servants.
Henry gently spread the legs of the girl to the sides, revealing to his eyes the beauty of feminine innocence.
He descended below, simultaneously kissing a small but elastic chest, neat flat tummy, dropping to a light pubic gun, which also covered with kisses.
Ellie sighed languidly, closing her eyes, fully giving Henry his body.
And Graf was already between her legs and kissing the inner side of her thighs. Sex pistols live 76 review.

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