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After a while, I managed to escape and run away, ran, avoiding crowded places and public transport, ran extremely inconveniently, everything slipped between my legs and splashed to the next orgasm that caught him near the house, the sharp smell of sperm was heard, in some places they began to appear noticeable wet spots on trousers that appear through shorts ’biker cloth (used for frosty north) and still need to run out to the uppermost floor n did not go up by an elevator fearing that someone would enter the elevator on any of the floors, and under Scrambling on very numerous steps when everything slips and is unbearably ticklish rubs – just torture, barely getting to the door and under the influence of the drug and everything else and fatigue, experienced the strongest orgasm and was able to unlock the door and collapse into an apartment on the verge of loss of consciousness.
Having come to himself, he climbed into the bathroom, pulled off his trousers and shorts, soaked them into the washing machine, and he climbed into a bath with warm water and relaxed, he mentally analyzed everything that had happened – wasn’t it a dream? go back to school pick up a briefcase with homework for the weekend and not run into those excited girls again.

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ABOUT! Female legs, I adore about you, ready to write endlessly! Dancing in a student hostel.
Dancing till you drop.
All eager, young and funny.
By the end – you are already falling from your feet.
My girlfriend stayed with our friends in a trembling crowd, and I left as needed.
The key opened the room where we undressed, and engaged in a delicate matter.
When finished, I saw a pile of our clothes, dumped on the official beds.
My things, her things.
Among her clothes – a small bag, I saw how she was preparing to leave.
There are her panties and stockings for the street.
To dance she, of course, went to nylon.
Well, the devil pulled me to pick them up! Soft, cushy panties in my hands.
On the crotch – a little whitish plaque.
So it smells delicious pussy, licked – sweet and salty taste, already jammed the eggs.
But before the dance we famously pokukrykalis.
Well, what else do you want? Why this fetishism? Go down to her, pull

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her down, retire, because she loves sex! Not! Some devil pulls it to look, smell, lick.
The intimate places warmed by breath excitingly aromatize air with a languid female smell.
The stockings on the fingers are a little tougher, the smell of light, stiff female sweat.
Not smelly male stench.
Not! And with the sourness of sweaty fingers, which today, I saw, with marigolds covered with purple lacquer.
Licked, more and more.
Taste is stunned! Her taste, her legs, her fingers, her pedicure.
Everything is laid in place, from an erection almost breaks down the zipper of jeans. Big booty live sex.

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