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Apparently the woman’s body then understands that 2m + is non-violence.
It’s lucky that, at last, I’m lucky, and I’ll tear myself off from sexual intercourse with two guys at once.
– On account of the vainness of sex with one, everything is obvious.

Women in sex led.
And easily adapt to the temperament and sexual style of almost any man.
And therefore they know the world of sex with each man “in a different tune”.
A woman with different men is different.
A man with different women is almost the same.
Since the man LEADS.
– Yes, yes, Ildar! And being a leading man plays only within the limits of his sexual program.
A man with a variety of women – it still remains as a programmed or a hare, or a bear, or a cat, or an elk.
Women behave like a cat with a bear, like a cat with a hare or like a cat with an elk – well, if a woman – according to the style of a CAT.
Well, or, respectively, if the woman is in the style of the Deer, then it can be like the Deer with a cat or like the Deer with a bear.
Women are able to understand and evaluate, all 16 different male sexual types.
Woman knowledge of the world is available in all its diversity.
But a man in the course of his life a fig does not know the world of female diversity.
Then again it was difficult to isolate which of us belonged to those or other thoughts.
Our thoughts merged.
“Because men tend to be unsure

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that a woman is really good with him.”
And, fuck, men are concerned that a woman in secret from him is enchanted by another more advanced, stronger, more capable man.

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– But a woman can not worry that a man can be bad with her.
After all, the nature of the male orgasm carries almost the same domestic and sexual program.
It is quite primitive, in terms of possible female diversity, the male program.
One of the conclusions was then born to us and this: Therefore, there is a classic female misconception: “I will correct it”.
A woman is guided by her own idea that the world is diverse.
A woman does not even realize that “the world is diverse” only, and only for women themselves.
And since she does not know that this postulate is not possible to assess the male brain, the woman falls.
into the trap of one’s erroneous prejudice.
Then, over the years, women with despair understand: “men do not develop or how.
And to compare it with another male – you will stay without teeth ”.
Equally likely, the existence of a classic male delusion: “She is not going anywhere.”
It is based on a man’s delusion that he, even before the wedding, was convinced that his brain, his skillful hands, and his most adorable dick are for his woman IDIAL.
And everything else in this world is worse for his beloved woman.
This program can be in the eyes of a woman both great and miserable.
And the wretchedness of a peasant can be declared by a woman at any time.
Suddenly a man has the right to evaluate the behavior of a man as a poor woman, because she can compare different men.
And to begin to compare the husband with lovers the wife can begin, when necessary.
But for the husband herself – always suddenly, without any reason, and it seems, like from an empty place.
And men do not know what a woman can experience in communicating with a man of another sexual program.
The trouble of men is that even if his sexual program is not miserable, but advanced, then a woman can always find herself even more advanced in sex with a new man.
And this trouble is equally probable for any male sexual temperament program; even though you are “a cat; cat-in-the-boots ”, even though you are“ a bear; bear-strong-and-cool ”, even though you are“ aristocratic elk ”. Bigboobs online.

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