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She was taken 10 minutes ago by helicopter.
She introduced herself Alena.
Thank you, Jeannette, I will go down.

Anfisa, come with me.
Alyona got up, heading for Velen.
Anfisa blocked her way.
Mrs. Velena will invite you later.
Velena looked at Alain with a glance and went to her office.
Anfisa followed Vela.
Passing through the office, Velena went into the shower.
Anfisa, help me undermine.
Women undressed and stood in the shower.
Anfisa knelt down.
Velena slightly spread her legs.
Anfisa clung to the open sexual lips of the Lady and began to lick.
Velena leaned on the wall of the shower and pressed Anfisa’s head into her crotch.
Then she turned and bent over her back.
Anfisa began to lick her ass, pushing her buttocks apart.
Velena stopped her.
They showered, dried themselves, threw robes and went into the room.
Lead here, this bitch.
Anfisa left the room and after 2 minutes returned with Alyona.
Alain tried to rush around Velenya’s neck.
Faith, how glad I am to see you.
Nobody allowed you to talk.
Be silent.
Listen up
From this moment you are my slave.
You will do whatever I want.
If you agree, sign this contract.
If not, I will sell you into slavery to one drug lord.
You will not last a year.
If you sign my contract, you will live here and you will fulfill my requirements.
You will begin to vykobenivatsya first give the local dork, and then selling into slavery.
You have 5 seconds to think.
Anfisa, make me some tea.
– said Alain.
Sign it.
Alain signed the contract.
On your knees, bitch.
Alyona timidly knelt. Camtube co password.

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