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She was surprised, said something, everyone laughed.
— What does she say? – She does not believe that you have chances, but you can participate.
He says that he will bet on you – are they even accepting bets? – And how! But small, in jest.

I won’t make much money. Six women and I signed up for the competition.
The jury members sat on their chairs blindfolded.
I got number 5.
The organizer announced the number and the participant with this number sucked in turn all the members one minute each.
After the first round, the jury made notes and gave it to the organizer.
She announced that four participants reached the final.
I was among the finalists.
Good evening.
So many members at one time I did not have to suck.
And all are different: one thick, two long, one thick and long, one has a huge head, two straight, two bent upwards.
The buffet is simple.
I watched as women sucked and realized that I had one real rival.
The woman sucked selflessly, she had huge lips that covered her limbs almost completely.
But she did not do (so far, in any case) what I was able to do – “deep throat”.
This was my secret weapon.
I like it when a member enters the throat and I can feel my pubic partner with my nose.
Men also like when they can fuck in the mouth for the entire length of the penis without restrictions.
Throw lots.
I got the second number.
I tried as I had never tried before and my efforts were rewarded.
Only I was able to make everyone a “deep throat.”
The main rival, seeing how I was doing it, also tried, but coughed and did not try anymore.
I forced three jury members to finish in my throat and mouth.
Absolute record.
I won first place in oral sex competitions and won a bottle of wine.
And most importantly, I finally got as many members and sperm at once as never before.

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Now only in the ass to get and we can assume that all desires are fulfilled today.
Some visitors left, others came, it became noisy and crowded.
I sat in the chair, answered questions, joked, stroked women, drank wine, even fucked one old woman in the ass.
Very much she wanted it with me, could not refuse.
This couple appeared in the common room when I was about to take any active steps to get the desired member in the ass.
The pair was interesting: a tall, very toned old woman of about sixty with an eagle gaze and a stern face, dressed only in stockings with a belt, with slack breasts and withered hands, and a young blond handsome man who was athletic and pumped up in thongs.
She said something to him, judging by the expression on his face — she was reading off.
He looked at her with frank servility and fear.
The old woman looked at the room with an eagle eye and resolutely moved in my direction, waving the handsome man to follow her.
She stood in front of me, looked at me appraisingly, ordered something to the young man in German, quickly dropped to her knees, sharply spread my legs, took my dick in my mouth and began to suck.
I did not even have time to object.
The handsome man shook his head, letting me know that you should not object.
She sucked, to tell the truth quite well.
Handsome pulled cock and began to masturbate.
I waved his hand to him, he came up, then took him by the hips, pulled him to him and took his dick in his mouth.
A few minutes later, his dick got up, he took it out of my mouth, went behind his companion and sharply thrust the dick into her vagina.
The old woman only twitched, but did not even squeak.
She sucked my dick for long.
A few minutes later she broke away and again ordered something to her companion.
He pulled out of her member, helped her up, turned to me waved his hand invitingly: “Let’s go.”
We went into one of the separate rooms, did not close the curtain.
The old woman lay on her back and showed that I should stand over

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her in the 69 position and lick the crotch.
Well, let’s see what it will turn out.
I got cancer, lowered my head and plunged into her flabby labia.
She moaned and shook.
And here I felt that the handsome began to engage in my ass.
First, he licked her, then began to massage her, then I felt his finger in the hole, then two fingers, then a cool lubricant.
Then I felt the touch of the big head of the penis to the hole and, finally, such a familiar and long-awaited pain of penetration of the male thick penis. First sex online video.

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