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Water begins to be felt in the bladder, but so far it is a bit.
It took another half an hour.
I added 3 more mugs.

I have three liters.
The bladder begins to make itself felt.
However, water is still in the stomach.
An hour and 15 minutes passed, and with a sharp jolt I felt a volume of liquid drunk in the lower abdomen.
Time began to slow down.
My dick is tense.
I caress my balls, touch them and squeeze them a little.
I am very excited, but I can not reach orgasm, for now.
I gently squeeze my already swollen belly.
I want to go to the toilet, but for now I can calmly endure.
I caress the nipples with light tweaks, they are tense.
A member is a stake, and now I know that the maximum that can be – small droplets of urine in shorts, an erect phallus will not allow me to relieve myself.

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Or a small trickle, as much as a jet of sperm, can get out.
Suddenly, let me go.
I realized that I could get up and do things without paying attention to the urge of the body.
I decided to drink more water.
I drank a glass, it was hard.
When you drink immediately more than a liter of water – for a while you start to shake, as if a strong chill.
My dick began to fall off.
To admit this was impossible, and I lightly slaps on the testicles again excited myself.
I drank the second glass, which went easier.
In the stomach a lot of water, I feel.
He swelled like a pregnant woman.
6 liters.
I feel strong urges.
Nevertheless, I have not lost a bit so far.
ru) Keep the member excited.
If you pull it out of the pants, you can see the moisture on the surface.
Pull out.
A droplet appears on the tip of the head.

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Strong urge to empty the intestines.
I pull the pants down a bit, lower the middle finger of my right hand on the phalanx in the anus.
Everything is pure, just a natural mechanism.
Stretch panties, sit down.
Strange, but the urge recedes again.
I drink another glass.
Already 4 liters.
I haven’t done this before.
It became hard for me to hold on, a sharp throbbing pain.
1 hour 45 minutes from the start.
Let go.
The lower abdomen is stone.
A few drops appear on the gray fabric of the briefs.
And further.
I get up, I go.
A few drops break out again.
Bending cancer, it does not become easier.
2 hours.
Droplets are lost more often.
It took another 10 minutes to ferment the room.
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