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She was so frightened that she still wanted to hire me, despite the not so pleasant dialogue, that I was with her.
If this whole story is true, then it really can be a big problem.
Information trade is profitable, but suicidal in the galaxy.

And the terms of the contract, I must confess, were surprisingly profitable: starting with a guaranteed payment of 10,000 credits per month plus bonuses and ending with the possibility of having to live with her and eating at her expense.
And most importantly, this is a clause that allowed me to break a contract, if, let’s say, it turns out that I really did work for Azarian intelligence.
There was only the last question that strongly interested me: “And who recommended me?” – Liara T`Soni – she is my friend and former information trader.
She gave me a couple of tips, including hiring you, before disappearing somewhere.
Know her? – Never heard of her! Anyway.
Everything suits me.
I agree.
She relieved sighed and smiled.
– Well.
How do you say people have their hands? – Deal! – I answered and in response stretched my hand over the table.
So began a new story in my life.
During the following week I had more than once managed to re-read my contract at my leisure, looking for tricks in it.
Of course, unsuccessfully.
He was just perfect.

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Just the dirty tricks were not in the contract.
The first month of my work was quiet and boring.
During this period, it consisted mainly of sitting or lying in a chair with an hourly change of posture, from which, occasionally taking my eyes off the TV, I watched my employer.
For all this time, she never bothered to leave her home, spending all the time going through the fact that she endlessly looked through some data on the monitors of her computer, one of which was a bunch of downwardly changing numbers and causing her genuine feelings concerns and constant refusals by those or other people who sought meetings with her to discuss the terms of the deal.
Apparently, she was so afraid to go out into the street, which, coupled with the use of protected from hacking and computer detection and hiring a personal security guard, for greater safety, she decided to pupate in her apartment.
Therefore, somewhere in the middle of the month, I allowed myself such impudence as to go to bed before the hostess, realizing that there is no danger to her here.

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I had her problems on the side.
I still continued to scornfully treat her, showing my disrespect for her race.
Until a certain point.
Little backstory.
I had a girlfriend with whom I lived for 2 years, we loved each other, a wedding was planned, and we got married later, but the story is not about that.
I always liked girls, attracted me, I adore sex.
And there were several cases of my treason.
This story happened when I was sent to accompany one system to one budget enterprise.
I was allocated a separate office, and I sat down there, as it turned out, for a period of about six months.
And I became a friend of mine in the women’s team.
Of all the men there was only me, no one else.
And as you know, I paid special attention.
They came to my office under any pretext.
I liked one girl, called her Lara, abbreviated from Larissa. Hot lesbian live.

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