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With a living husband, I have not been with him for a year, and with others as well.
At the training camp there is no possibility, solid training, and when I

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come here, in the hope that my husband will meet me and be glad to see me, I do not have time to catch him sober.
And as he drinks a pile, he can no longer stop.

Immediately the second, after, then naturally the third, for those who do not dream, and then it’s gone, and after an hour, it’s not that his tool, he cannot stand.
And the next day I need to improve my health, and again he is gone, and then I don’t want him, he becomes so disgusted, ”Vika opened her personal grief to me.
“So why won’t you divorce then?” I ask, although I already know the answer.
Such as Vika can not throw the one who loves them and depends.
“Yes, I already thought about it, but then how can I imagine that he is alone here, without me.
He will definitely shoot himself, and I will not forgive myself for this! ”, – Vika answers me, and I feel sorry for her, and a little bit of myself, because I don’t have that same girl.
And the port was a fire.
Burned warehouse with property.

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Strong and scary.
Something there exploded and puffed.
Flames violently devoured the building and already rushed to the neighbors.
All personnel heroically fought for the preservation of other buildings.
Naturally, I was in the line of fire.
He helped the fire brigade with all he could, as a result, scorched his eyelashes and eyelids, part of the hair on his head, and turned black with soot.
So I saw Vika, who was returning from the medical unit, where her husband was lying, prokapyvalas after the next binge.
“Oh my God! What happened to you? ”She screamed, running up to me.
“Why, I made kebabs!” I joked, but just now I felt like I sucked.
The skin on his face burned, his head ached, his legs and arms, after sacking bags of sand, ached heavily.
“So, come with me! I will put you in order now! ”- commanded Vika and led me along.
We came to her house and she immediately sent me to the bathroom.
There was a great blessing in the officers’ houses – hot water.
There was no such happiness in our hostel, so we had to warm the water in the saucepans and wash in the basins, and on Saturdays, in front of the soldiers, go to the bathhouse.
Many made friends among lodgers for the sake of being able to take a shower.
During the time that I spent in this part, I got into the shower for the first time.
Warm, gentle trickles of water washed away the dirt and soot of the fire from me, and it seemed that my fatigue also came with them.
I was very good and I was ready to stand under the shower indefinitely, but then there was a knock on the door: “Hey! Are you alive there? ”Vika reminded me that I was still a guest and I had to get out into the air. Indian women live sex.

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