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from the buzz that pierced the body, from the pleasure that exploded in the perineum, Arkhip seemed to have lost his firmness, as if he had lost all will, yielding to the movement of Zaitsev hands, Arkhip obeyed backwards, causing his cock to slip out of Zaitsev’s mouth, and Hare, at the same moment tilting his head – opening his mouth, he poured Arkhip’s sperm mixed with his own saliva onto the floor from his mouth.
he didn’t spit it out and didn’t spit it out, namely poured it out – so much in his mouth it turned out this substance, similar to the contents of a raw chicken egg.
Arkhip, indifferently looking at Hare, felt how his body stopped, dying, exploded pleasure.

Arkhip’s reddened member, glistening with saliva and sperm, slowly lowered – fell off, taking the form of a pigmented sausage. Live big boobs cam.

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