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Otherwise, they would not lie here.
Yeah? – Yes, I’m not asking you.
“Then why does my head turn to me?” “Listen, Lid.

– Vika sat up, picked up the braids that she always twists before going to bed.
Why in the morning it turns out such a natural curl.
– I even lost count.
– M? – Lidka has sat down.
– I should already be like a week.
– I have.
– Frozen Vick.
– Listen, Dick, I should be here too.
Or also? – Opanki.
– Lidka climbed over me, sat down next to Vika.
– Listen, we should look.
And as quickly as possible.
It seems that more than two weeks.
“What are they so excited about?” “What are you talking about?” – What are so alarmed? What is the timeline? Need to sleep! – About what, what? About menstruation.
– Lidka pushed me in the side.
– Come on, go to the duty room (that is, the pharmacy on duty).
– So what? – In, stupid?

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BUT? – Lidka pushed me to the side again with both hands.
– Run for pregnancy tests.
Quick! Pregnancy? Nega scared huddled under the bed, muscles filled with strength, his head cleared.
Even a member seems to be awake.
Pregnancy tests? This is us instantly.
One leg is here, the other is also here.
An hour later, great advice was held in the kitchen.
Great family council.
On the right is Lidka, on the left is Victoria, in the center I am.
Before us were two pregnancy tests and both were positive, that is, Lidka and Victoria were pregnant.
And both from me.
Why lurking fright crept inside my anxiously, and fanfare sang solemnly over them.
Honestly, I was happy as a male, feeling that his work was crowned with success and her little chicks are all covered and everything is successful.

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Both are pregnant by me !! Klasssss! Lidka was carrying everything, tugging at the dressing room floor, Vika.
bit her lower lip, glancing at me, Lidku.
I sat like a pole, straight and calm, giving my thoughts and feelings to resonate.
The pharmacist, young and a little sleepy, just gasped when, putting four packs on the glass, she was grabbed, pulled and smacked her cheek loudly.
The elderly, sipping tea from a glass, just managed to throw after me, “Do not please the car.
Daddy! ”
The latter was said, it seemed to me, with approval and envy.
Why? Envy! – So, so.
– I put my hands on the table oilcloth, palms down.
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