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Uncle Fedya arrived on the truck.
We said goodbye to Baba Nyura, and Zina had already gone to the meadow to feed the cow.
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It seemed to me that everything should be easy and bring new sensations.
But no aids did not suit me, it was painful.
And I, with the stubbornness of a masochist, continued each time experiments with my fifth point.
Nothing worked, toli because of my impetuousness, toli because I myself was trying to lead the process.
We are again in bed, I smoke after another unsuccessful attempt to penetrate my ass.
– Dash, why are you doing this if you do not like? Danik takes away my cigarette and inhales.
– I like it, it just hurts.
I fall on my brother and do frictions imitating sexual intercourse.
He intercepts me, covering his powerful body, kisses my nose.
– Let me do everything myself? – What should I do? – Enjoy.
Devils run in his eyes, as if he knows a secret.
He kisses me, caresses every inch of my body and I melt.
His caress turns me into a jelly, his tenderness responds in me like a wave of burning goosebumps.
His lips are soft and tasty, his touches are hot and light, his kisses are wet and aggressive.
My chest aches, a pleasant heaviness appears in the lower abdomen, I bend towards his hands, my body speaks to him, echoes his whisper.
He licks and sucks me, drinks my essence,

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and when, breaking into a moan, I begin to fall into nowhere, Dan picks me up and puts me on a chest of drawers, bends down and very gently kisses, then turns over on my stomach and runs my hand over my spine, I bend and raise my ass.

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Danya enters me and slowly, very slowly makes pushes, it is awesomely pleasant, I move to the beat.
In a circular motion, he caresses my anus, I love these caresses, they excite me even more.
After some time, I feel how he has a finger penetrated into my ass and continues to massage her from the inside out, stretching me.
It does not hurt and adds new sensations, its tremors become deeper and sharper, I begin to catch the wave.
– Yes, more, Danichka, more, I am now.
– Oh, no baby, you are not now.
Dan comes out of me, turns me over on my back, spreads wide and lifts my legs.
– Hold on.
I grab myself under my knees, and he continues to fuck me with his fingers, caresses the clitoris with his other hand, his mouth is ajar, his lower lip is swollen and trembling, he watches his movements, it is so sexy that I want to eat it, and the manipulations again bring me to point of no return and at this moment, he pushes me in the ass.
I feel light discomfort, but there is no pain, because I am beginning to stop, I am brought out of reality by a wave of orgasm, and it penetrates me with one more push and one more, even deeper.
– Shhhh – on a quiet exhale.
– Mgmmm-vystanyvayu in response, not yet come to myself.
Danya does not move, he strokes my body, allowing me to get used to new sensations.
He does something with his own hands, completely unimaginable and so pleasant that I do not have enough air, but he pulls away and again thrusts towards me with his hips.
It is as stingy as molasses, I stick in it, I do not have enough rigidity.
And he feels, understands, intercepts my legs, puts on his shoulders and holding his hips begins to fuck my ass, the member slides inside, causing sobs mixed with his hoarse breathing, again inside, again, so hot that it tears down the roof.
His fingers are again in my pussy, with every thrust he pulls me closer to me, which makes me crazy and covers me.
– So, yes, come on my girl! I scatter into fragments with such a ringing in my ears, that I hear it some time afterwards. Online shopping in india for sex toys.

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