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I think here you will not surprise anyone with a collar.
In the hall itself it was not crowded, in the twilight, very depraved exhibits, paintings, all kinds of old and modern adaptations, designed to diversify intimate life, opened to the eye.
Walking around the small hall of the museum, Sasha suddenly stopped abruptly.

– Unbutton two buttons on her blouse.
To be honest, I was taken aback by surprise.
– Quickly, I said.
Slightly noticeable light slap stung his cheek.
I noticed how some visitors looked with interest in our direction.
Obediently unbuttoned two buttons blouse.
The master’s hand unceremoniously climbed under her blouse and tightly squeezed first one chest, then the second.
Then he maximally increased the depth of the neckline.
It was something new to me, uncharted.

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The people frankly stared at my half-naked chest, but it brought me wildly, something sweetly throbbed into the vagina.
My breath gave me excitement.
– What, like when a bunch of men look at you? “Yes, Sir,” I replied, embarrassed and bowed my head.
– What I see? Bitch should not be embarrassed.
Raise your head.
Burning with shame for my profligacy in my thoughts, I slowly raised my head and met the Master’s gaze.
– So far enough with you.
You can fasten your blouse, ”he said dryly.
Good lord Will he still torture me? Such short bursts.
Although, probably, I decided to regret me, because this is my first.
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It happened on the fifth or sixth day of her stay in glorious Paris.
The phone was turned off for a huge non-payment of roaming charges – her pious and beloved for some reason decided to arrange for her a “remote jealousy scene” under the heading “I began to bother you”.

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She somehow habitually refused, persuaded him that he was mistaken and her coldness, reigning in their relationship lately – just a syndrome of her chronic fatigue.
She told him that she loved him, but she clearly understood in her heart that love had passed a long time ago, about six months ago, when it became clear that no matter how beautiful everything sounded, and her mistress remained only a mistress.
There is only sex, and that is not the highest class, as it was first.
Well, and even some stupid flimsy obligations to him, which for some reason she drove into her head.
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