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The movements accelerated, then slowed down, postures changed, Irina felt that her soul jumped out of her body and was flying somewhere far away.
Igor felt the approach of the end, Irina’s tight, tight thighs clasped Igor, she waved to Igor to the beat, moved towards him, guessing the rhythm and bringing him intolerable voluptuous sensations.
The orgasm came bright.

It seemed that all the sensations of sex entwined in one big tangle, which in a moment burst into a strong sense of immensity, it seemed the whole world froze for a moment.
Igor poured out large portions of sperm into the red, idle, burnt bosom of Irina.
Exhausted, he fell on the bed next to Irina, embracing her, he got entangled in her long hair, inhaling the scent of her hair.
“Are you good, honey?” Igor asked, catching his breath, although he himself was well aware that Irina was very good now.
“Yes” – only I was able to utter Irina, and even in a whisper.
Continuing to cover Irina’s body with small kisses, Igor lifted her up and carried her into the shower.
Warm streams of water pleasantly tickled the body, washing away the fatigue accumulated during a short time of love joy.
“Ira, have you ever done this to a man, well, a tongue?” Igor asked carefully.
“- Ira understood where her lover was tending.
“You do not want to try?” – continued Igor.
“Well I do not know.
“- Irina was still a little shy, but desire took over:“ Come on! ”Turning off the shower, she knelt before Igor and gently took him, already swollen by that time, in her hand. Real life cam sex tube.

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