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I Olca fuck, and He to me – turn her, turn to me.
I realized that he wants to fuck her in the mouth! But this, somehow in My plans did not enter! Though his dick is really hefty and stands as a stake, but don’t you fuck it !? And maybe – FUCK !!! Damn! And who am I then fucked? If not – fucking married slut, lustful bitch! IN – THOUGHT !!! And all this without ceasing to pull on your cock, pussy – this pobladushushki.
Thoughts flooding in my head.

“Or maybe turn my wife to Ivanitch, let him suck on him – practice !?”
I took the dick, I sat down on the chair myself, I turned her to face him, as if showing – TO TAKE HER !!! He came up, she was wringing her breasts, and began to put a finger in my pussy where I work.
I felt! Olka, too – already howled! Head thrown back and whispering to me.
“Do not stop! I beg you – Do not stop!” Normal claims !? I’m already on the finish line – and then Do not stop! I took the dick, and my wife spread her legs, and I began to jump on I-cha’s finger! He came closer to her, with one hand she fucked her pussy, and the second was jerking herself off.
Twenty seconds twitched, She groans, He grabbed him by the shoulders and began to wag back and forth with her pussy, And-yych her huyar in her stomach rested and started to finish, a lot and for a long time.
Here and Olka – squealed, twitched, her legs gave way, she collapsed on me.
Kisses, whispers in his ear.
“You are not offended, Sania? I’m so cool, he has such a big dick and hard! But I love you more than anyone else in the world! You have TAG !!!”
! Well – boy! You’re going to finish now – you don’t want a stalemate.
And I still would not mind.
Here is a BITCH! I have eggs, you can hammer nails.
! Here, I woke up from Nirvana and G.
Well, Olya, Well, girl, Well, you just (thought the whore – said), good girl! Come to me, touch how hot he is.

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And she, my wife! She got up and (just as a prostitute) curled her ass went to Him! She sat on His knee, took His dick with her hand and began to rub them on her leg! I see, Yves-cha’s bolt is not ready yet, and He himself, leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes – he moans.
Cognac, We all drank, and it was – the floor banks.
I speak.
“Ivanovich! Have a drink? Don’t be?” He is to Me.
“Drive to the store, I’ll give you money.
And if suddenly the wife pries himself, will you tell her what to say? “It is logical! I quickly put on my shirt and pants and fly to the store with a fly.
A wife screams in the back.
“Buy champagne!” HATE !!! I went to the deli door with the thought that in five minutes G.
Ivanovich, my Olka will not have time to fuck, that His dick is no longer worth it, and she has already finished once – it means that she has slightly weakened.
Fuck YOU MOTHER !!! Deli at lunch! Until the end – 15 minutes! And WHAT DO !? Running back without a drink will think that jealous is uncomfortable somehow! Wait for the end of dinner? So after all, Olka, My Wife, this – the master of the shop! Dear reader! Please do not forget what I think about all this with ringing eggs! (You will understand!).

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Everything hurts! I think that if I didn’t drink (I was young), I’ll blow up, I need to calm down.
I wait for the opening, I run in – Moscow vodka, Sweet champagne – I HATE !!! Total – 30 minutes and I am at the door.
Open the pig – Bear has come! Ivanovich, in sports pants and a vest, carefully hiding an erection.
Well, where are you wearing!? Fucking Yes, I was captured by the enemy, barely escaped, here are the trophies, but how are you doing here?
? In a room, at a coffee table sits naked Olka, in some shoes.
A leg on a leg, hands rest on a sofa seat, the back is bent, “chattering” with a foot of a half-raised shoe.
Judging by the difficulty with which She fights with the blush on her cheeks and the lustful trembling in Her damn body, one should think – They did not look at the magazines here.
Pour – drink – do not take – drink – do not take! Olka.
Suck, well, I beg you, do not be an Ass! Yves-h.
“And I, too (with laughter).”
Olka, gets up and ceremoniously leaves.
“I’m in the shower” – through clenched teeth.
Pause – silent.
“Ivanovich, did you fuck her?” Is he.
“Sanya, how can you! We talked about you.”
“Nuu”? Is he.
“She loves You!”.
“Come on!” Ivanovich (looking away).
“True true!”.
Well, fuck you.
Olka in the shower washes her charms, not that, cooking, not that, calming herself.
I and Ivanovich in the room, quietly drink vodka.
Well, how is She – you!? PIZDETS -Girl! I, asked her to suck me, she said that if you allow – she does not mind. Real orgasm hidden cam.

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