Rt bongacams con.

Rt bongacams con.
Relax and enjoy.
Do not argue with me, do as I say and you will be fine, Kate is well, everyone is well.
Do you like, Katya, our game? – I already said that I like.

– Maybe you would like me to become more delicate, did not call you a whore? Kate thought for a moment and, despite considerable intoxication, answered very seriously: – To be honest, no one ever called me either a whore or a whore.
Yes, I would not allow anyone.
But here is something different, it looks like an adventure: we are inexperienced tourists, and you, Tengiz, are our guide on this adventure.
And tourists should not teach the guide what to do and what not.
You just have to obey and not think about anything.
After this speech, Tengiz again crumbled with compliments to my wife.
Yes, and I relaxed, I think, what am I doing? Isn’t that what I wanted? We are already pretty drunk.
Naked Kate got up on unsteady legs: – Everything, I will go to the toilet to write and to the shower, and then between my legs is the ocean.
Tengiz helped her by taking her arm: – Why go to the toilet? No need to toilet.
We now arrange a real show with a shower.
Dima, go lie in the bath on his back.
I walked into the shower room and settled into a spacious triangular jacuzzi.
The bath was made of some synthetic material, so when I lay there on my back, I did not feel the cold: – Include a shower? “You will have a shower now,” pleased Tengiz took Katya into the bath, and told her to squat over my face, “Come on, write to his mouth.”
And you, Dima, open your mouth wide, you will have a real golden shower. Rt bongacams con.

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