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Sex and the city season 5 episode 10 watch online.
Having decided, I took a rubber rope and tied his hands behind his back.
He has not yet recovered and almost did not resist.
Then I sat him on the floor with my back to a heavy bench and tied his tied hands to her, then, after a second thought, I found two more jump ropes and tied them to the sides by wide-spreading his legs to the same bench.

Now he was completely in my hands, I gathered water from the tap in my palm and splashed on it, he immediately came to his senses and huddled in his bonds.
After making sure that he could not free himself, he looked at me fearfully: “Are you out of your mind?” Come untie me.
I slowly approached him and silently kicked him right along the freely hanging testicles, not very hard.
He twitched trying to defend himself, but did not achieve anything – the shackles made him helpless, and my foot loudly slapped him on the scrotum.
Horror appeared in his eyes.
I kicked him again, then again – it seemed to me amusing to slap a man on dangling testicles, looking into his eyes.
– You behaved very badly Peter.
I’m going to punish you.
Do you understand HOW I will do this? – I kept kicking him.
-No, don’t, don’t do that.
-Don’t do what? – I asked innocently and kicked again.
Perth said nothing, and I kicked him harder, he gasped and squeezed humiliated: “Don’t beat me in the balls, please.”
I noticed how he flushed.
“Well, no, men should be responsible for their actions,” with these words I put my bare foot on his testicles, crushing them to the floor.
Then I began to crush his testicles on the floor,

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feeling as they roll under my foot.
I really liked this feeling and I began to press harder.
Peter groaned and groaned in pain, but I was surprised to notice that his dick began to strain.
It seems that pain and humiliation had an exciting effect on him.
Humiliation in front of ME, and the pain because I step on his balls.

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I liked it, but I wanted to punish him.
Feeling his testicles under the heel, I strongly pressed on them.
Peter howled.
I wondered if he wanted to apologize.
He began to fervently beg forgive him.
I listened favorably, continuing to crush the heel of his balls.
Then I began to rub him not only on the testicles, but also on his stiffened member, Peter twitched, trying to get in tune with my movements, looking lusting at my bare legs.
Suddenly, Perth stopped and shook, I realized that he was about to finish.
Then I put my heel on his testicles again and firmly pressed them to the floor.
He began to finish.
I was very glad that he had finished feeling my leg on the eggs, this was an educational moment.
He looked miserable — a finished man without pants was lying on the floor, at the feet of the schoolgirl standing on his eggs.
I laughed.
Then she leaned over to him, and taking him by the scrotum, said: -If you touch me again without permission, I’ll tear off your eggs! Got it ?! – and squeezed fingers.
It seems never before I felt such excitement.
Peter tried to keep as if nothing had happened, but when we met his looks he confusedly lowered his eyes.
After the lesson, I sort of lingered in the dressing room, when everyone had already left.
A minute later, Peter glanced in when he saw that I alone came in uncertainly, hiding my eyes, closed the door.
After what happened, I was absolutely not afraid of him.
He hesitated, looked at me embarrassed, then began to apologize and ask me not to tell anyone about what had happened.
I actually thought, then asked: – So you want me to be silent? Perth nodded hotly.
– Then, kneel down.
He looked into my eyes in surprise, but I was adamant.
Then he slowly knelt down in front of me.
Reveling in the moment I ordered: – Pull down your pants! Peter hesitated.
– Quickly! And the fact that under the pants, too, take off! Peter complied and was now kneeling before me with his genitals exposed.
I looked down at him with a grin, and feeling warmer between my legs, I thought about what I would do with him further.
He pleadingly looked into my eyes and whispered: – Just do not beat the balls.
– And that’s how I want.
Got it? Peter nodded fatefully.
Where to begin? I was an ordinary girl of 19 years.
She graduated from school, well, not an excellent student, although three fours in total.
She enrolled in the economic institute graduated from the 2nd course.
and the summer holidays began, I was waiting for them, well, firstly the sun is a river of a friend, well, like everyone else, and secondly I had to have one event, well, more about that later.
Our family is also the most ordinary Dad, Mom, I am a happy family. Sex and the city season 5 episode 10 watch online.

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