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He believed that she was faithful to him.
Rather, he never asked “is it true.”
Just by some dumb rule, they decided to play the game “all are true to all.

Everyone believes everyone. ”
She cheated on him.
First, rarely, and lately constantly.
She loved sex, especially loved the diversity, which he could not give her – the flip side of a permanent relationship.
She has long known every centimeter of his body, every erogenous zone of his, learned long ago at what time and how he breathes, what is needed for him to finish, and what is needed to prolong their sexual intercourse.
And she was not interested.
And now these “tantrums”.
They put her in anguish.
In general, she was always confident that the relationship is divided into two types – “love, carrots, family, claims” or “love, carrots, without future plans and without claims.”
She could never understand when mixed with one another.

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But then she did not want to think about it.
It was from this, or rather also from this, that she fled to this pacifying city.
This conversation happened just as she was returning from the workshop of that artist, who had come a couple of days ago to pick up the package from her friend, where she had spent the whole night and almost half a day.
She did not remember his name again.
But her body still remembered his touch.
They had sex from night to morning, with several breaks for delicious red wine and ripe grapes.
He kissed each centimeter of her body, made her forget about everything for a couple of hours, and turn into a feeling of bliss and bliss.
She was well and excited to remember this.
She walked along the Parisian streets, blown by a playful wind, and caught the hem of her dress, which was keen to fly up somewhere.

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That would be bad.
Rather, it could be a slight embarrassment – she left her underwear in his workshop.
At some point they poured paint on him and now it was still irretrievably damaged, and he still had a souvenir.
He promised her that he would keep him and may even later show his grandchildren.
She smiled, remembering his promise.
It was so ridiculous, and above all so romantically stupid, that she could not but be moved by it.
Apparently in his eyes she was a romantic Russian girl, probably like her classmate, because of whom they met.
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