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Both of them – in front of each other’s eyes – at one moment jumped out of the usual rut of knurled ideas about sex, and now, when the fucking sexual desire directed to the boy came from, it was successfully realized, they both could not help thinking about that sexual experience that unexpectedly acquired.
and how was it possible not to think about it? When you do it – you have sex with a guy – a hundred and first time, then you take it as a certain given.
and when you do it for the first time, and even with it you do it completely spontaneously – unexpectedly for yourself? For a while they were silent.

Both of them – both Arkhip and Baklan – were quite normal guys, that is, normal without any quotes, cockroach-complexes in the head, and therefore, having fucked the guy in the mouth – having experienced full sexual pleasure with the guy, having received a regular discharge from this sex, in their souls they didn’t feel any need to treat and humiliate this guy on the basis of that fundamental to the perverted consciousness that he, this guy, had become an unwitting object of their sexual pleasure – such a desire is a desire to make fun of the one with whom he got ” unlawful “sexual satisfaction – arises, as a rule, for those who panickly fear this natural pleasure; satisfaction, naively believing that only” blue “, gay, and other homosexuals, who, in turn, in the paradigm of the church -closed concepts are considered to be perverts and descendants. World sex live cams.

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