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Maxim occasionally made underlined compliments and joked very skillfully and to the point, Sveta was simply fascinated by him.
But there was one thing, but his look, it seemed that at first he stripped her, then he studied every centimeter, and then slowly ate, his eyes sparkled, they hypnotized.
The conversation slowly began to flow to the intimate details of her novels, and she took him to this channel herself, her excitement and tension increased, at one point she put the glass on the floor and almost ran to the bathroom.

After closing the door, she turned on the water and splashed ice water on her face several times, her heart pounded wildly, her pussy sponges from arousal burned and slightly ached, her nipples itched intensely.
Suddenly knocked on the door.
Svetlana Viktorovna, – Maxim’s voice was a little excited, but it seemed to Sveta that it was a mock blessing, – Svetlana Viktorovna, are you all right? Sveta did not know what to do, what to say.
Maxim continued: you feel bad? Let’s get an ambulance !? – he began to pull the door handle, – Svetlana Viktorovna, open.
Sveta went to the door, turned the latch, and stepped back, the door opened, and Max entered the room.

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His gaze was penetrating and cold, like ice, he took a step and stopped a foot from Sveta.
The robe on her was slightly open, she looked at Max confusedly and shook her head negatively.
I don’t know, she whispered, Is that right ?! Max took another step and was very close, untied his belt with his hand and spread his robe apart

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Then he put his hands on her shoulders and slowly held.
the robe slid off to my feet.
Their lips merged in a passionate kiss, while his hands caressed her back, her ass, her arms stretched to his fly.
After a couple of moments, a hot dick appeared in her palm, and he was ready to fuck her.
Although Max was a great kisser, and his caress was very pleasant to the body of Sveta, but she wanted to feel it inside rather.
She pulled away from his lips and, turning around, put her ass back, resting his hands on the wall.
Max ran a hand over her back, got a little hooked and put a dick on her pussy.
Light, breathing heavily, quietly whispered, like a spell: Come on, fuck mommy, how do you fuck my daughter, well, yes.
ahhhh Max abruptly introduced, cutting off her in half a word, staying inside, he wound his hair on his fist and pulled it tight.
Is your daughter such a whore in you? – He uttered a completely cheeky tone, – Yes ??? Yes, she squealed through the tears of Light.
After her answer, Max became mercilessly fuck her, pulling her hair tighter and tighter.
The pain and pleasure mixed up in one cocktail, driving her crazy.
Max’s movements were harsh and assertive, he tore her without any pity, as if she was not the mother of his girlfriend, but the real prostitute. Amateur teen webcam masturbation.

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