Aqua bongacams.

Aqua bongacams.
Usually this incessant ball of cheerfulness cannot even spend a minute without saying a word.
Then she sat silently with her cheeks red from the winter frost and looked intently at the sugar bowl standing opposite her on the table.
– Why are you silent? – I could not resist putting on the table two shooters of the fight.

– What happened at school? – Nothing happened.
– The girl answered and began to eat.
We ate silently.
This is of course good.
During the meal to speak is not accepted.
Only here such behavior from Dasha will not wait, judging by the way she behaves on the street with her friends.
When the fight was over, I poured us tea and got sweets.
– How is your netbook? “My nerves failed again.”
– Nomralno.
– She answered the girl, but then added.
– Only not always the opera is loaded from the first time.
– Hmm.
bring it then, okay? I’ll see.
– I suggested.
– Why then? – Asked, putting a mug on the table, Dasha and jumping off the chair, ran into the corridor.
– I have it with me! Backpack this devil set in such a way that it was visible from the kitchen. Aqua bongacams.

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