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Vera Andreevna paused, adjusting thin professorial glasses.
– And if the child is described or put a bunch on his pants, he needs to be teased and ashamed of it for all, – she added, – In order to have a feeling of shame forever imprinted in his memory.
So that every time he wants to use the toilet, he immediately recalled what happens to those who wets panties.

The girls smiled knowingly.
– Well, I understand how we work? – asked Vera Andreevna.
“Of course, I understand,” answered Nastya, “Just to see how you are doing everything.”
“Do not worry, they will teach you everything,” the head doctor grinned. “First, you will have practice for a week.”
You will observe, learn and slowly help our nurses.
I would like to start everything from monday.
Can you come? – I can definitely, – answered Nastya, – In the morning? “It was nine o’clock,” said Vera Andreevna.
The rest of high school students also said that they would come next Monday at nine.
Saying goodbye to the girls, the head doctor looked at her watch.
Approached the end of another working day.
“It’s time to get home,” thought Vera Andreevna.
On Monday, Olga, as agreed, brought her son to the clinic.
She certainly did not go into details of the treatment in order to avoid a child’s hysteria.
But one mention that he stays in the clinic for a week was enough to cause tears in the boy.
Olga felt sorry for her son, but she understood that she herself, without professional medical care, would not for a long time wean Kohl off diapers.

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– Please try to behave yourself, – said Olga to her son after a short farewell in the emergency room of the clinic, – And now, too, do not be capricious.
Kohl numbly kept silent, restraining with all his might, so as not to not cry.
Noticing that the young girl who entered the room in a white robe immediately went to the child, Olga quickly hugged and kissed her son.
“You will stay here a week and I will take you,” she said.
– Well, let’s go? – smiled girl in white coat, taking Kolya by the hand.
Olga handed the girl a big bag with Kolina clothes and personal items.
– Sorry, but we do not allow anything home, – the girl refused with a guilty smile, – We have our own clothes and hygiene items.
The girl attracted Kohl to another room.
The boy wondered who she was doing here.
Despite the white coat and the serious face of a girl of fifteen or sixteen, it was still too early to work as a nurse.
“Sit bye bye,” said the girl, leaving Kohl in a small room filled with several rows of chairs.
Kohl hesitantly sat on the edge of the chair.
There were two other boys in the room —

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also of primary school age.
Both sat in opposite corners, staring at the floor in confusion.
Looking closely at the boys, Kohl noticed that both of them had diapers under their jeans.
– What sat on the corners? – another girl in a white dressing gown asked loudly, – Quickly sit down here in the first row! Unlike the previous girl, who took Kohl from her mother, this one did not seem like a high school student, although she was probably only a couple of years older.
Kohl began to sneak a glance at the girl: blond hair gathered from behind in a long tail, a small snub nose and the determined look of large gray eyes.
In appearance she was about eighteen or nineteen.
“Didn’t you hear what I told you?” – the girl raised her voice, – Quickly go here! All three! The boys reluctantly approached the girl.
“I don’t know what your parents allow you at home,” the girl began strictly, “Only here we will quickly teach you to obey!” You can sit down! Arab masturbate webcam.

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