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I also liked her, t.
with me she began to flirt.

It was a girl of medium height with blond hair, she was not big breasts and she looked attractive.
Dressed erotically.
Oddly enough, she turned 35 years old, 9 years older than me.
But for her no one would say that.
Time passed, I was bored alone and I put a local ICQ to everyone.
It became more fun, and gradually with Lara we began to communicate on more explicit topics.
We talked about kisses, and I do not remember exactly, but I called her into the office at lunch, closed the door behind her, we sat down next to each other and started talking about sex.
She was not married and had an apartment and a lover.
(Temporary work in the entire women’s team provided the main character with a really wild fuck! ”- approx.
) Word for word, I began to stroke her hips, she was in a tunic.
Our faces touched and we started kissing.
Kissing passionately, I grew bolder and pulled up my tunic and put my hand under my panties, she was already wet.
She wanted me.
I lowered her pantyhose and started playing with her pussy.
My fingers were all wet from her discharge, I caressed my clitoris and inserted my fingers into the vagina, and passionately kissed her.
She was all shaking with excitement, as she could respond to my kisses and squeezed my dick through his pants.

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I squeezed her small breast in response and continued to caress my hand, I wanted to take hold of her, but she did not want to rush things.
After a while, it was already time to go to our offices, we parted ways.
According to ICQ, Lara wrote to me that she received great pleasure, that she

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wants me, and that she cannot work after our caresses.
The next day at lunch everything happened again, only this time, I still put it near the table, bent it down, lowered the pantyhose and entered it from behind, the member entered easily, she was always good with lubricant.
I began to move in it.
Hands took her by the hips and sat her on his dick.
She moaned softly.
Looking ahead, I’ll say that she always had sex quietly and didn’t even scream when she got an orgasm, I don’t really like quiet girls, but she had sex very well.
Then he took his hands on his chest and began to knead them.
I had so much excitement that I could not stand it finished.
In those days when we had sex during dinner, she couldn’t work all afternoon, she wasn’t nourishing.
I remember that once I was asked to go for a walk with a dog by friends during lunch, they had business and they asked me.
Lara asked for it with me, and we went.
Quickly having dinner with friends at home, walked in a hurry with the dog, we had about 20 minutes.
Since we had a purely love relationship, and time was always short, we did not attach much importance to foreplay, and almost immediately began to have sex.
Although my friends will say that I adore oral sex.
Well, distracted, I put it on the sofa, pulled off her tights and outerwear.
Her little breasts swayed.
He, too, undressed.
He took her nipples in her mouth and began to play with their tongue, fingers touched her pussy.
Making sure she was already wet, spread her legs and entered, I was on top, she was under me. Hairy masturbation webcam.

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