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She had plans for the evening.
A long-time Parisian online acquaintance promised to take her to a local private club, where a girl like her “must have liked.”
She was ordered to dress lightly and easily, in loose and open clothes – the club was in a semi-basement old room and there was poor ventilation.

Where she was led, she understood as soon as they descended the narrow stairs.
A couple of years ago, she often visited such clubs, hung out there all night long, and worked full recklessness.
There were only women in the club.
Although not, a couple of men in the form of waiters were still there.
They embraced, kissed, danced, and some of them, modestly hiding in the corners, were doing something too intimate.
She noted this literally out of the corner of her eye as they walked to the bar.

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She saluted her martini with olive to a beautiful girl dressed in men’s clothes and clearly trimmed as a boy who sat in a couple of places from them and looked at her dress with particular attention.
She loved these women.
Not less than men.
In general, she knew the lesbian world from the inside rather badly, being up to some time, due to youthful stupidity, of course, a convinced lesbian.
Now she recalled that time with a smile, but that was – that was.
She didn’t take away the fact that she communicated with a lot of lesbian couples, knew by what principle they were built and therefore she frankly and loudly laughed when in another porn story she saw two busty silicone beauties depicting each other violent passion and fucking each other with patch members on belts.

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It was so manly, so egocentric, so shifted on the cult of the “penis.”
She could not understand why the directors could not consult at least once with these lesbians.
The girl immediately moved to her.
She knew English and that was good.
They talked for about an hour about something different: about women, about beauty, about the stupid flames peculiar to France and Russia, about men and even a little about sex.
She, her new friend and the girl who brought her to the club.
Then the latter disappeared somewhere.
At first she went to dance, and then never returned, apparently finding herself more promising company for the evening.
Or maybe she did not return on purpose, realizing that it was becoming superfluous – her new acquaintance already twenty minutes ago laid her hand on her knee and with every minute, she was rising all.

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