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Stunned by what he saw, he went out of it and sat down on a chair.
Then we had a conversation, the essence of which is loyalty to her husband, unrequited love for me and not repeating such experiments.
Subsequently, we became very good friends and privately discuss even the most sensitive topics.

Sometimes it comes to kisses and frank touches to intimate places, but we decided not to cross this threshold.
After a couple of months, the situation repeated itself – I was given a first-class blowjob.

Now, every three days, now half a year, I have experienced unforgettable orgasms, which gives me her mouth.

The meeting, dedicated to summarizing the work for the year, ended, and we trooped out in the foyer and rushed to the buffet to get ahead of the old men.
But there was already a rather impressive lineup – the guys from the technical department turned out to be smarter than us and faded from the meeting in advance.
“Let’s go for a smoke,” Natashka whispered to me.
She could not refuse anything.
Yes, I myself terribly wanted to smoke.
– Roll! – I shouted to a friend who had already taken a turn, – we will smoke with Nataha, and then we will replace you and Irka.
– Come on, just not very long.

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“Oh,“ Kei! ”“ Let’s just go to the back door, ”Natashka asked,“ this is our entire leadership, and I don’t want them to know that I smoke. ”
I shrugged, and grabbed my arm, she dragged me to the old staircase.
There really was no one there, and we were comfortably seated on the steps.
– Show the icon something, – asked, lighting a cigarette, Natashka.
I gladly handed it to her.
It was the “Communication Master” badge just handed to me, and I was very proud of it.
Of course, I worked in the Ministry for just under two years after graduation from the institute (“Without a year, a week,” how, without restraint, I pinned the deputy.
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