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She began to measure the slave.
The woman took the belts from the table, came up to the slave stretched on the rings, she put the belt on her and tightened it.
Twenty minutes later, all the belts were picked up, put on and tightened on the old woman.

It remains to fasten only a wide “harness” with holes and protuberances, hanging freely on the straps of the full abdomen of an elderly woman.
The craftswoman opened a small closet.
– Do your boss often fuck you in the ass? – She asked the old woman.
– Often.
– She sobbed in response.
“Then this one will do.”
– The woman pulled out a large plug from the closet in the ass, with long, dark brown hair and a large through hole.
She thickly greased the plug with grease and walked over to the old woman.
Spreading her buttocks, a woman, with difficulty, under the moans of slaves, put a plug in her anus.
– You want to shit, raise the “tail”! Having squatted in front of the old woman, the woman began to fasten the “harness”, she missed it between her legs, spread her big lips and pulled them over the edges of the “harness”.
Having missed the “tail” through the hole, she stretched the “harness” between the old woman’s buttocks and, inserting the belt on the back of an elderly woman, pulled it tight.
– And now, bridle with blinders.
– The woman opened the wardrobe, and, coming up with a bridle to the old woman, commanded: – Tilt it back! Open your mouth! Wider! Wider, I said! – She put a bridle on the head of a slave, then she put a mouthpiece in the old woman’s wide open mouth, and tightened all the bridle straps on her nape.

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– Remember where they turn, there and pull.
You will rest, lips tear.
She untied the hands and feet of an old woman and fastened the reins.
– Come on, nag! – She pulled the reins.
The old woman took a step and, with a howl, collapsed to the floor.
Wild pain pierced her strapped body.
“Shleyka” tore the crotch, and the “tail”, anus, bridle did not allow to breathe.

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– Stop lying! Get up! – The woman pulled and pulled the reins.
The slave tried to get up, but collapsed to the floor again.
The craftswoman took a whip off the wall and went to the old woman lying on the floor.
– If you, nag, do not get up now, then I will carve you! Get up on all fours! – She whipped the old woman on the back.
Obeying, the elderly woman got down on all fours and, encouraged by the blows of the whip, with a groan, crawled to the door.
– And now back, nag! – Bites stretched and, the old woman, turning, crawled back.
After she crossed the room several times on all fours, the craftswoman ordered her to stand up.
With a groan, the elderly woman got to her feet and took a few steps, it was painful, but it was possible to endure.
– Nothing, harness will get used to.
And you, nag, get used to it! – pulling the reins, the craftswoman led the old woman.
The floor below was a long corridor with stables.
The blinkers on the eyes prevented the old woman from looking and she, obediently, followed the conductor.
The woman opened the door with the number 5 and led the slave into the stall.
– When you see your Master, you should happily blast and beat your foot on the ground, otherwise you will be punished.
Removing the reins, she locked the stall and hung the reins on a hook, and left.
The old woman examined the stall.
It was a room two by three meters, the walls are covered with a rough tree, the floor was earthen, strewn with a layer of straw.
Rings were attached to the walls.
Two large bowls were fastened on one wall, a water faucet protruded above one of them. Hidden cam masturbation tube.

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