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As expected – it was the orcs.
Big green muscular, they sat in a circle.
Of the clothes they had only rare capes.

The weapons of the orcs were heavy two-handed swords, covered with rust and nicks from time to time.
Judging by their purple level (the mobs that marked the level of the player were marked so much), they managed to destroy more than one punitive squad.
Enemy mobs, like the players were able to pump.
They only did it for a long time and in case of death they rolled back to the very beginning, and did not save the experience as players.
But I was struck more by Chiffon.
She was still alive and relatively healthy.
Only lost almost all of their clothes.
She got massive metal rings on her neck and wrists, fed by thick chains with a cave wall.
Chiffon sat at the feet of the main orc, selflessly licking a thick member of the mob.
The girl did not oppose the role of a slave.
On the contrary, she shamelessly spread her legs, so that the casual viewer could see the thin trickles of love juices flowing from the victim’s smooth slit.
“Mmm,” with a passionate smacking of an elf she was massaging the thick tool of the leader.
Pens skillfully slid over the bridle, the head delivering the mob an unforgettable pleasure.
Elfmaid definitely had no small experience in such matters.
After a couple of minutes, the mob could not resist the sweet torture and gave birth to a grating stream.
Drops of sperm hit Chiffon on the lips, face.
She just smiled gently.
Neat tongue licked remnants of sperm.
For a minute, she overdid the sperm of tongues, testing it for taste.
Finally taking a sip, Chiffon freed her throat.
I already thought that she was now reaching out to serve the second orc.
But the elf acted completely differently.
With a rough blow, she knocked the sword out of the hands of the leader.

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She lifted heavy weapons and delivered three swift strikes.
Not expecting a dastardly attack, the orc caught three critical hits at vital points.
The main boss was just settling to the ground, as Chiffon switched to his assistants.
The remaining two orcs managed to grab their weapons.
We won a dozen seconds, but still the difference in levels was enormous.
Elf playfully beheaded the remaining members of the gang.
I was about to run away and pretend I didn’t notice anything.
One had only to take a couple of steps, as the creaking of stones under his feet attracted the attention of an elf.
After a moment, she was beside me.
– Wait! – I just managed to cry out.
– And it’s you? – The girl frowned.
– I won’t tell anyone! – Right? – Chiffon looked at me with chilling eyes.
– I promise, I promise! – I fell to my knees.
– I told you to sit and not to stick out.
– Elf unkindly tested his finger on the blunted blade.
– Sorry! Our verbal squabble continued and continued.
Seeing that they were not going to kill me right now, the damned curiosity took up again.
I asked the purpose of the action elf.
– Pff.
do you really not know? – Chiffon looked at me with a prejudicial look.
– Not.
– I shook my head in dismay.
– Improved performance.
-? – I raised my eyebrows uncomprehendingly.
In response, the elf broke out with a whole triad, from which I extracted the following.
You can slightly improve performance by eating parts of enemies.
And sperm gives even greater effect.
(Special for) The effect depends on the level of mobs, the type and a lot more.
Therefore, to achieve the maximum effect Chiffon and bleed the mobs, cutting out all but one group.
And the same group slipped simple opponents.
The orcs, fattened at the free experience, gave a better result than usual.
But Chiffon did not satisfy this result by two percent, and she hurried to clean up the failed experiment.
– I see.
And I would also like to try, – I honestly confessed, at the same time rubbing into trust.
– True? – Chiffon marveled.
– Yes, a couple of characteristics for free.
And it’s generally fun.
“Hmm, for good reason they killed them right away,” the elf frowned.
– If you want, come to my farm

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– True? – With a short movement of my hand, I received a reception marker for the minimap.
– Okay.
I see you are a normal girl, not shy.
Come to me sometime on the farm.
– A mark appeared on the minimap.
– Thank.
– And now I’m sorry, I need to check a couple more points, and there is not enough time! – In a hurry after saying goodbye, the girl evaporated. Hidden camera in toilet sex.

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