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Roma ran out of the tent and ran to the counselor’s house.
Going to the door he did not knock, but slightly opened the door and entered.
In front of him, on a clothesline, shirts and shorts that dried out after washing hung, as well as Vadim’s sports jerseys.

Roma slightly removed the hanging T-shirt and stopped after seeing an amazing picture.
On the bed lay naked Vadim and performed some movement.
At first, Roma did not understand what was happening.
He thought that Vadim was making love with someone, but after looking more attentively, he understood.
Vadim MASTURBIROVAL! He did it somehow not the way Roma and the other guys used to do.
Vadik was lying on his stomach and just moving his buttocks, or rather, he strained and relaxed them.
As a result, he himself almost did not move, but the bed creaked fairly.
And now Vadim’s movements became more frequent, the bed creaked harder and more often and Vadik began to make strong and drawn-out moans.
After a minute, his moans stopped, he stopped making his strenuous movements and just lay silently on the bed. Https www live sex cam kazakhstan kz.

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