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Entering the chambers, the prince immediately saw a huge bed, on which, under the thinnest, like a web, the canopy of his Azil slept.
– Oh, Azil, my delicate little berry! – Jamal bent over his beloved face.
She seemed to him even more beautiful and desirable.

Throwing off his clothes and remaining in one of his shalvarah, the prince ducked into bed with the princess.
Taking her in his arms and kissing her plump lips, he whispered: – How I yearned, how my heart was worn out, not seeing you! Open your eyes, my love! Illumine me with their light! “Aah,” the beautiful woman opened her eyes and looked at the prince. “Jamal?” She asked doubtfully in a weak sleepy voice.
“Yes, yes, my sun,” he nodded happily and pressed her to his heart.
“Oh, you dream of me again,” she smiled and hugged his neck.
“I love it so much when you come,” she confessed, embarrassed, suddenly.
– It is a pity that this is only a dream.
Last time you did this to me.
“I am ready to do the same now,” the prince whispered with an enchanting smile.
And without further ado he threw off the princess’s thin shirt, began to caress her.
Elastic breasts stiffened under his arms, hardened in pink nipples with peas, trembled, as if praying for kisses.
Jamal fulfilled their request, began to shower with kisses from the base to the vershinka, to draw delicate “peas” with his lips.
Azil began to squirm in his hands and moan softly.
And the prince continued to caress her body, dropping to the coveted honey spot between the legs.
Spreading his chiseled knees, he stuck his mouth to the opened little “bud”, from which the honey “flowed”.
Kissing him, Jamal felt more and more how his body was filled with fever, this fire literally burned him, especially below, where shalvars became cramped.

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The princess moaned louder and louder, looking at him with an incomprehensible gaze of huge eyes.
For her, everything was in a dream.
Without resistance, she trusted Jamal’s caresses, somewhere in the depths of her clouded consciousness, wishing that they never end.
Having lowered shalvara, the

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prince drew his “sword”, surprised at the metamorphosis that occurred to him.
Restraining the excitement, trembling with impatience, he carefully advanced his “weapon” deep into the petals of the “bud” of Azili.
Knowing about her pain, he did everything carefully, trying to minimize his discomfort.
She started, black eyes flashed with fright, Azil cried out and finally woke up.
– Jamal? What are you doing? She asked in a barely audible voice.
– What are you doing with me ?! Aaaaaaaa! – she again quietly screamed, and her face was distorted from pain.
The prince felt a thin barrier and, pressing a little, felt how he broke through her, saw that blood appeared.
He began to gently swing and move his “sword” in the narrow passage of the “bud”.
Tears poured from Azili’s eyes, but after a moment, flowing down her happy smile, they became tears of joy.
Ass princess moved in so the movements of her prince.
– Azil, my delicate flower! – whispered Jamal, smiling at her.
– I woke you up! “Oooh,” she gasped, arching from the internal impact of his elastic jet.
Then they lay nearby, and Jamal hugged his beloved.
“I came from far away to wake you up and get married,” he whispered, kissing her flushed cheeks.
– So, I was right then, I dreamed of you, not you? – smiling, she flashed velvet eyes.
– What’s the difference? – his lips were stretched into a smile.
– Does it matter who dreamed who? The main thing is that now we will not part.
“Whose heart does not burn with passionate love for sweetheart,” Without consolation, drags his own age bleak.
So thought happy Jamal, falling asleep in the arms of his beloved Azil.
When early in the morning a frightened nurse, who had heard the princess all the night crying and screaming, burst into the chambers, she saw what had struck her.
On a huge bed slept two naked young men.
An athletic build, a tall man embraced, gently hugging a young, small, frail woman of incredible beauty.
Her curly braids were scattered over the bed with a heavy waterfall, one strand lay on her lover’s neck in a steep curl.
All the white sheets were wrinkled and in some places stained with bright blood stains.
– Oh, Allah! – exclaimed the nurse and rushed to the Shah. Nude indian art models.

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