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Anastasia pulled the washcloth off the shelf and began to soap her, feeling her earlobes slowly turning red with shame.
And suddenly the girl felt like Nick easily jumped into the bath behind Nastya and, putting her hands under the arms of her sister, tried to reach out to the shower.
What are you doing? – Nastya breathed out, feeling her sister already pressed against her back with her whole body.

Anastasia with particular clarity felt a full chest with two soft nipples on her shoulder blades.
I felt a small bush of hairs with my coccyx.
Damn, Nastka, – Nick pleaded, realizing that she could not reach the soul, – well, let me undermine that! Or am I in this form should be walking around the hut? And ask for a little something? – Nastya growled, but nevertheless took a shower from the holder.
And, fearing that the length of the cord is not enough, she threw her leg to the edge of the bath and sent a stream right between her legs, somewhere back, to Nike.
And after a couple of seconds I heard my sister’s light moan.
Nastya looked over her shoulder, brushing wet hair with her hand so as not to obscure the view.
And I saw how Nicka stands, running his hand in his pussy, stretching the sex lips to the sides.
A powerful jet of water beats her right into the open crack.
Anastasia in a flash lit up, looking at it.
And Niki understood through her eyes – her sister saw it.
I read it in my eyes, with widening pupils noted at the edge of my consciousness.

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Before Nastia’s mind’s eye, a kaleidoscope was swept by lecherous poses in which she had seen her sister lately, in a matter of seconds, arousing a girl.
And Veronica, slightly covering her eyes with pleasure, saw it.
Nutro sensed her sister’s wishes.
The shower fell at the feet of Nastya.
She herself did not notice how she pressed her back against the wall, and Nick, standing in front of her, slowly brought her face closer and gently, timidly and timidly, kissed her sister on her full lips.
For the first second Nastya did not know what to think.
How to react, what to feel.
And then, by itself, everything lost its meaning.
The girl just turned off, barely noticeably weakened control, and

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the body itself responded to the kiss.
Just as timidly, barely touching Nika’s lips with the tip of the tongue.
And then everything collapsed.
Veronica, in a fit of passion, by chance, put her hand on Nastya’s crack and, almost immediately stumbling upon her desperate look, became embarrassed and immediately recoiled.
– Nick began, but, not finding the right words, just grabbed a towel and ran out of the room, covering it.
behind the door and leaving Nastya standing in the bath, completely entangled in their feelings and emotions.
Stepping out of the shower, she heard the front door slam.
Nick disappeared for about two days.
I answered the text as short as possible, as if embarrassing my sister.
And Nastya, instead of worrying, was even grateful to Veronika for the opportunity to at least somehow bring her thoughts in order.
That’s just it was all to no avail.
Anastasia completely lost her landmark.
Carefully weighing everything, she understood that she should not want her sister.
But the body stated otherwise.
It cost Nastya only to think about Veronica, as thoughts somehow slid off of themselves and the girl was surprised to find that she once again presented her little sister in some depraved pose.
And it was not only the desire of the body.
It was some deep lust that lurked deep in Nastya’s consciousness.
Jumping out whenever Anastasia’s gaze fell on Nika’s clothes, seen through the loosely closed cabinet door. Online dating and sex.

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