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Terrible hangover and I can not shit, belly so swollen.
“Why did you drink and eat like a pig?” , his wife Anya replied angrily, and Alina, in a stinging tone, said: “Well, okay, Anya, don’t swear at him, better put an enema to him, see how he feels better!”.

“Yes, sure, he will give himself an enema, never in his life!” replied Anya.
“Dam, dam!” , the man intervened, “I didn’t seem to poke yesterday either.
I just don’t know if I feel better after her! ”
“Well, then go to the bedroom and get your pants down to your knees, lie down on the bed on your left side.
And we will fill you with an enema! “, Ordered his wife.
The husband obediently went to the bedroom, and the women began to fill up the enema.
They decided not to “discover a new America” ??and fill it with the same solution from which an enema was made.
Then Alina took a bucket, and Anya took Esmarkh’s mug, and they went after Volodya.
He had already taken off his pants and was lying on his left side, having slightly bent his legs to himself.
“So what is it?” , Anya said sternly, “reach the chin’s legs so that the asshole will open!”
She started smearing the cream with the index finger of her right hand, while Alina let out air from the hose and smeared the enema tip with cream.
The wife put her husband’s finger in the anus and twisted it around its axis there.
“Lord, how he had it all dried up! Immediately insert an enema!” , she disposed of her sister, and she inserted the tip of her sister in the ass all the way and opened the tap, then lifted the cup up. Play online hd sex video.

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