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The woman lay on him with her whole body, leaning softly on her chest and beginning to sit down carefully on her penis every time.
Prokhor looked at her husband.
That podrachival finally got up the body without taking his eyes off them.

The lieutenant was not in business.
However, he also found an occupation, or rather, a free hole.
He leaned on a couple on top, leaning on one hand, the other he sent a member into the anus.
Prokhor saw in the mirror on the ceiling how the lieutenant’s back was twitching, trying to overcome the obstacle in the form of a compressed sphincter time after time.
The woman frowned, screamed, tried to crawl away from him, but she could not, sandwiched between two bodies.
The husband, with a lustful face, even got out of his chair and approached, crouching and staring at the crotch of his spouse.
Finally, the Lieutenant’s efforts were crowned with success.
Prokhor felt the head fall into the anus, from which it became even closer to the vagina.
The lieutenant, without stopping, cemented success moving on.
The woman screamed, her mouth wide open.
At that moment, her husband jumped up and ran up to her face, frantically twitching himself.

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From his penis, several white jets splashed out of them, which he sent into her open mouth.
Part of the sperm hit on the face.
The woman coughed.
From this her sphincter relaxed and the lieutenant, taking advantage of this, drove the penis to the end.
Being satisfied, the spouse took off his dressing gown and just silently left the room.
The woman whined, sobbing, but the men, puffing and not paying attention to it, continued to move measuredly in the holes that had become extremely tight.
It turned out so nicely that

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the men’s moans completely drowned out the feminine ones.
They finished at the same time, rapidly filling both holes.
The lieutenant, breathing heavily, got off the woman.
With his help, Prokhor pushed a female body out of itself, which looked lifeless if it weren’t for the quiet sobs.
Dressing, he looked at her crotch.
There, everything turned red, sperm flowed from unclosed holes, and a thin stream of blood oozed from a torn anus.
NDA – Prokhor was scared – We must get out of here as soon as possible.
The lieutenant was of the same opinion.
Quickly assembled and leaving the hospitable house, both fled about their business, contrary to custom, and did not discuss today’s adventure.
Rather, only the lieutenant headed for some of his business, but Prokhor went straight home.
All the way, he recalled the ruined butt of a woman they had fucked.
Wow! – he argued – What a gentle place! It turns out that me and my team there is a way to go there? He became sad, but after a minute he remembered that it seemed that Martha, who was well aware of his size, nevertheless offered to use her ass.
– Hey, darling! – he pushed the coachman – Is it possible to quickly! Real life sex hidden cam.

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