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While Sveta was giving him a blowjob, I got close to her bottom and, under moan of approval, began to lick her.
Then he began to fuck her: for a long time measuredly, driving his unit to Svetochka on the very eggs and throwing her legs on his shoulders, putting cancer on him, and sitting on top of him.
Svetochka did not notice anything around, several times she was shaking in convulsions of an orgasm, but he did not stop for a second, continued his work.

I could only watch as it turns and puts in different poses this fellow.
After inserting his prick to her in the ass, he entered so abruptly that Sveta screamed and tried to crawl away from him, but he firmly holding her with his hands and planted her in her hands.
She literally howled from the sweet pain, when he crouched in convulsions and growled like a beast, finished in her.
Sveta fell off exhausted on her side, her butt gaping with a huge hole, from which a white stream appeared.
– Well, asshole, your turn – said Igor – podmo girl! This time her taste gathered all the previous ones, adding the tart taste of semen.
It flowed a long time and everything did not end there.
I licked it and not knowing what to do next swallowed the viscous and sticky liquid.
Her hole gradually closed, but continued to ooze moisture.
“Let’s go to the bathroom,” she finally said.
Igor stayed on the couch, and Sveta and I went.
– Did you like it? – Yes, Svetik, you are a goddess – Did you like how he does it? – Yes, a real monster.
so much up.
– she laughed – This is only the first call! – She climbed into the jacuzzi and turned on the shower squatted.
– Well, ka try my rain, lay ka here – I lay down at the bottom of the bathroom, between her legs, her wet scruffy pussy was right in front of my face, red sponges hung down like two butterfly wings, I ran my tongue between them and then a hot jet hit in my mouth, washing off all previous tastes, filled and poured over the edge. Sex live tv video.

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