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Skinny models with big boobs.
However, the hair on his body and so it was very little from birth.
On Monday, he gathered underwear and clothes that fit for a comfortable exercise, as well as shower accessories to wash off sweat after class, and went to a fitness center.
On the ground floor there were almost no people, only a young girl working in the waiting room read something and typed on a computer.

He gave her his subscription, which she entered into the electronic database and allowed to pass on.
He had to contact the trainer Lyudmila Alexandrovna, as indicated on his subscription, so that she would explain to him the method of training in the gym, advised the individual plan, and also introduced him into the course of his duties as a guest of the club.
The girl explained all this to Alexey, and it seemed to him that she was somehow too openly considering him.
Probably, here you can not hide their sexual interest in another person, he thought.
The trainer turned out to be a very tall blonde with a professional sports figure, thin waist, high breasts, broad shoulders and a cold look with bright blue eyes. Skinny models with big boobs.

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