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I hoped you would agree.
Although, most likely you will change your mind when I voiced the third option.
Or offer a fourth.

So, I want each of you to answer what she is ready for this work.
“For everything !,” Lena beat everyone, “I know that this work is for me!” – A bold statement that exponentially describes your determination, but at the same time demonstrates that you tend to make rash decisions.
The face of the girl reflected annoyance.
The other two smiled faintly, deciding that their chances were increasing.
– Elena, are you ready to even kill your rivals for the sake of this position? – Of course not! I put it figuratively.
But I’m really ready for anything, if it is not against the law.
– But did not say it right away.
And you, Angelina? – I think the same as Elena.
– That is, you have no opinion ?, – I faked it, – I see.
Now Lena also smiled, and Sonya, it seems, internally already celebrated the victory.
– Are you ready, Sonya? – Very much.
And when I get this job – even more.
– I am glad that you said “when I get it,” and not “if I get it.”
Confidence is good.
But at the same time, from your answer, I heard that in the new position you are ready to even break the law? This is contrary to the principles of our company.
The celebration instantly vanished from the girl’s face.
– And again we have a draw.
Although Angelina passed this shock tour worse.
Although, perhaps, her opinion really coincided with the opinion of Elena.
I admit it.
However, this is just to check.
Angelina, are you really ready for anything that is not against the law? – Yes.
I’m sure.
“Then take off your underwear, please.”

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The girl broke out and bit her lip, and then nervously replied: – It seemed to me that I was taking up the position of a spokesperson, not a model! I do not understand why this is necessary? – So you refuse? – Yes.
It’s illegal! This is sexual harassment.
– Do you think so? And what’s illegal is that I ask you to undress? PLEASE, not forcing, mind you! – But this is blackmail! You will not take me if I refuse.
“I don’t remember saying something like that.”
And what’s the harassment? Did I suggest you to get in touch with me? – Not.
– Angelina, I hope you understand that I cannot take you now.
Firstly, because you are not responsible for your words.
And secondly – you attributed to me something that I not only did not say, but did

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not even have in my thoughts.
You are free, Angelina.
The girl stood up, tears in her eyes.
– I.
I am ready, – with shaking hands, she tried to unbutton the top button on the jacket, but nothing came of it.
– Now it is no longer needed.
And do not worry you so! You are a brilliant smart girl, and you will no doubt succeed.
in another company.
Goodbye! She came out all in tears, and I turned to the two remaining applicants.
– And who among you is ready to undress in front of me before the underwear? Lena jumped up first and hastily pulled her blouse over her head.
Her beautiful breasts of the 2nd size were covered with a snow-white lace bra.
While she fiddled with the clasp of her skirt, Sonya got up.
This start slightly shaking her hips to unbutton buttons on her blouse.
– Sophia, you disappoint me.
This is not a strip club! I just ask you to undress.
Sonya blushed and stopped her dance.
Meanwhile, Lenin’s skirt fell at her feet.
She stepped over her and gently folded on a chair.
– Stockings also shoot? – I believe that stockings also belong to underwear.
Not necessary.
– Well, – Lena straightened up and looked at me with dignity.
Cut Sonina skirt allowed to remove it only through the head.
Along the way, one of the hooks caught the lifichki, the cup rose up, and I managed to see the girl’s pink nipple.
But she immediately put everything in order, to the end pulled off her skirt and also folded it on the chair.
Lena was wearing tight panties with a bra, but Sonya, under her clothes, was dressed in a bodysuit with a corset that masked her light fullness. Webcam sex xvideos.

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