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She was already climbing to him, striving to touch, cuddle – and George understood: THIS will happen very soon.
From the first minute it was obvious what led her, why she went to him and looked at him with eyes swollen with dark salt.
Georgy understood that bodies that were brought together so closely could not be separated for long, and he was ready to burst like the fruit of grass, impatient.

He did not know how IT would be, did not know how long to wait for him.
But everything happened quickly and unexpectedly.
They were sitting on the sand – and suddenly George, having become cold, drew Kisse to himself.
“What? Just like that? Scared! offended! it is impossible !!! ”- flashed hectic thoughts; but the lips had already sucked into the warm mouth, the tongue penetrated inside, enveloped in cherished salt, and the frightened Kisse bit her like a puppy.
Don’t bite, – George told her, sliding his hand over his wet body.

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You have a boyfriend? – He asked, raskoryachivaya Kisshe in the sand.
She was silent, looking at him with awe.
It was narrow, firm, dense, like an unripe fruit, and George moderated the pressure.

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Are you a girl You have not fucked? – He whispered, gradually ripping the adhesive passage.
Kisshe sobbed, shaking her head.
– Well nothing.
Everything happens for the first time.
You are sweet.
You are a miracle.
You will be sweet, – George whispered to her, licking the salty drops from her face.
His penis was already covered along the entire length with the pulp of a broken bosom, warm and tasty, like a thousand goodies.
They puffed at each other’s noses, kissing quickly, firmly and nervously, like pigeons.
Kisse was exhausted, throwing her head back, and staring imploringly at the sky; the pressure accelerated, the ruthless member pulled it from top to bottom, smacking moisture and blood, and did not have enough breath, as in cold water.
Suddenly, George roared, squeezed her shoulders to a crunch, twisted out – and began to fill Kise’s body with white splashes, smearing them over salted skin.
Kisshe snaked a snake, howling from the sweet hunger and sudden emptiness in the bosom.
Tormented? Wait a minute.
The first time is never as expected.
Wait a minute.
– George wheezed to her.
He took the air deeply and deeply, as if before diving – and again clung to her lips.
One of his hands felt the nipple, the other vibrated on the clitoris, as if on a string; lips sucked hot mouth and tongue dived inside, enveloping the cavity with killer-sweet, wasting salt.
When it was all over, he stroked her, while Kisse looked at the sun with glazed eyes and smiled like a newborn.
Here you go.
Sweet girl, I told you.
– George eagerly breathed and collapsed next.
Muddy drops flowed from his penis. Www rt bongacams.

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