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She felt bare skin because Carrie was naked.
Marcia felt Carrie’s hands as they played with the elastic of her shorts.
Her stomach jumped at the touch of Carrie’s soft skin playing with her beltline.
Carrie’s left hand reached and grabbed the elastic and her right hand traveled down into Marcia’s now wet panties. Dating a korean man in korea.
Her fingers slid smoothly with Marcia’s juices and they easily slid into her wet slit.
Marcia felt around and felt for Carrie’s pussy.
Her fingers played lightly across Carrie’s pelvis and they quickly met at the junction. Fuck in agra. Swinger personal ads.
Carrie’s pussy was wet and she moaned as Marcia’s fingers explored.
Carrie’s wet pussy offered copious amounts of lubrication and Marcia’s fingers slid back and forth effortlessly.
Both women were feeling and rubbing, probing and sliding.

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Their breathing quickened as they both let go and enjoyed the feeling of mutual masturbation.
As one, they came, both women leaning into each other and moaning with pleasure.
After the spasms of orgasm released their bodies, Marcia spun within the circle of Carrie’s arms and leaned in for a deep kiss. I m cultivating mass.
Their tongues battle in their mouths as their hands began to explore again.
They moaned and caressed, their hands explored every part of reachable body.
After a long time, Marcia pulled away for a moment; she noticed that somehow her shirt and bra had come off and that her shorts were around her ankles. Galt mo bi horney housewifes.
Carrie pushed Marcia back against the vanity and lifted slightly.
Marcia lifted her ass and half-sat on the small sink.

Carrie had gotten down on her knees and was kissing Marcia’s smooth belly.
Marcia groaned and put her head back; she grabbed a handful of Carrie’s black hair and held her head in a tight grip. Reallifecam com vidolar.
Carrie’s mouth and tongue worked wonderful magic on Marcia’s body as they quickly zeroed in on Marcia’s swollen clit.
Carrie’s tongue slid up against Marcia’s clit and it felt like a bolt of lightning.
Her lips surrounded that wonderful, sensitive spot and she sucked lightly, her tongue doing a mad dance on her clit. Clip glory hole video.
“Oh, yes, Carrie, oh God yes,” Marcia panted as Carrie’s finger slid slowly in and out of Marcia.

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