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“Quick, sit on the towel,” Nancy ordered, as she put two doubled up at the edge of the bed.
“What’s that for?” Peter asked.
“Butt juice,” she replied.
“What?” “Fluids from his butt,” she went on.
“Makes a nasty mess if not caught right away. Three striped damsel fish shape.
” “I’ve never heard it called that,” he quipped.
As I sat on my pad, Peter got up and stood in front of me.
I knew I’d be cleaning up Nancy, but I didn’t expect to be cleaning Peter.

I could feel Nancy’s eyes on me as I looked at his cum covered shaft. Sex slut in germany.
Leaning forward I took his semi-erect member and gently began to suck.
“You’re right, he’s good,” Peter remarked.
“I told you, best cocksucker in town,” she joked.
I paid little attention to what else they said as I made sure he was clean. Webcam xxx video.
Once I had finished, I sat back, licked my lips and smiled up at him.

“You’re next, my dear,” he said to my wife.
“Yes,” she purred and laid back for me.
At last, I was going to get a good look at her shaven pussy. Free adult chat and webcam.
It still hurt that she’d so quickly shave for one night with this guy and not for me.

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