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Next thing I know, we’re making out and we’re both stark naked.
Unfortunately just before it could get to the good part, I feel my cell phone vibrating in my pocket.
Somehow it was enough to shock me out of my dream, as I reached for it and pulled it out. Lexylee free sex lips short skirt.
One new text.
Curiosity peaked, I checked it out, scrolling through old messages, until I found one that made my mouth drop.
“Good dream?” It asked.

The message was from Alisson.
I quickly punched the small buttons and texted her back.
“Yea, y?” Her answer was slow, but out of the corner of my eye I could see her smile widen.
“Looks like it was pretty good.
” Her answer was short, but the look she gave me told me all I needed to hear. Likez it n that azz anal hot porn.
Her gaze was locked under the table, where I feared my own friend had just betrayed my dream.

Sure enough when I looked down, he was hard as a rock within my jeans.
I tried shifting to get him to settle down. My homies the real deal.
I did the old tricks as well, thinking of anything but sex, even some of the nastier thing my imagination could think of.