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Belinda was trembling as she clipped up the cell block, her mind yet to fully process the event of the night.
Kate was one of her closest friends and during many hours together on the front desk of the gaol they had talked about incarceration. Standing_dick chubby live cam.
Little by little they had admitted to both themselves and each other their fascination of being locked up and locking people up.
The friends had never experimented, despite having many cells at their disposal, but had talked at length with both Belinda and Kate careful to hide their real interest and growing arousal. Double creampie pussy.
So it had been easy enough for Belinda to ask Kate to lock her in a cell for the night.
That alone would have been exciting for Belinda, the feel of captivity and helplessness at the hand of her crazy blonde friend.

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Having James hidden in the cell with her had made the situation even more thrilling, even if she hadn’t planned on Kate finding out about her secret male companion.
But now the floodgates were open, she knew that Kate would ask her to return the favour and it was no surprise that Kate had asked to be locked up naked. An elderly woman pussy.
She’d confided that fantasy to Belinda on multiple occasions, but still it felt strange seeing Kate’s slim exposed body inside the locked cell.
She was no longer her slightly crazy colleague, she was now a sexy kinky woman over which she had total power. Homemade water bondage videos.
James started to follow Belinda back out through the cell block, but his curiosity got the better of him and he walked back to Kate’s locked cell.

He opened the small observation window to see her sitting on the cushions, her knees drawn up into her body, her long crinkly blonde hair lying wildly around her slim face. Seeking mature man 23.
She was still naked, Belinda having taken every last stitch of her clothing, and she had made no attempt to cover herself with the white sheet.
Upon seeing James’s face, Kate smiled, rolled up on to her bare feet and crept like a predator across the concrete floor. Free live iphone freeadultcamz.
Ironically she looked in full control, a sexually dominant woman, her pert breasts bouncing modestly, her hair lying wildly around her face.
“You must think I crazy to want to be locked up completely naked,” Kate breathed, her face now almost touching the bars. Male under ground strip club.
“Not necessarily,” James replied.
“Bel and I were playing around with fantasies.

and this was mine.
” “On your own?” Kate looked slightly solemn, “You wanna want to join me?” “Belinda has the key.
I’m as unable to get in and you are to get out. Sex cams el salvador.
” “There’s more of the world on your side of the door.
” Kate breathed, “This tiny concrete box is all I have.
” “You want me to feel sorry for you?” James replied, amused by Kate’s seemingly selective memory, “You locked us in here last night!” Kate pushed her naked body up against the cold door and pulled at the bars of the small observation window with a look of aroused frustration across her dilated blue eyes. Robin cock just around the corner.
She could see why Belinda liked this guy, his shining brown eyes were making summersaults inside her body.
“Do you want to know what I did after I locked you away last night?” Kate breathed.

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