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I had cum in my eyes too and had closed them.
It was pretty much all over my face.
Still holding me roughly by the hair I was slapped in the face again, several times.
He said, “That’s just because I can bitch.
” Then he let go of my hair and the guy behind me grabbed my arms and pulled them back forcing my face down on the stage. Free sex contacts.
he had a hard hold on me and I couldn’t move as he fucked my deep in the ass.

It hurt but it was erotic in a dominate, submissive, way.
I felt helpless as he pounded his cock in and out of my butt.
Hell, I was fucking helpless and it turned me on. Jamaica porn industry.
I don’t know why but I like being helpless as long as I know it’s a safe situation.
Safe, yes, but still I have no control.
These guys could, and did do whatever they wanted to do with me and I simply obeyed them.

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Strange but I really get hot being helpless and in the power of a dominant man, or for that matter a woman too.
I guess I’m twisted in some way but I know what I like and this had been one fucking hot night. Piss on sluts free photos.
The man behind me groaned loudly and let go a hot load of sperm, right up my butt.

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