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I reached down and touched myself, spreading my lips.
Sure enough, I was wet and ready to go.
“Ummm, okay.
” He said as he moved over behind my naked body.
I heard him fumble with his clothing and then the sound of his jeans zipper going down. Transvestite crossdressers dating.
When I felt his hands on my bare hips, I braced myself.
I watched in the mirror as he lined his cock for entrance into my pussy.
I felt the heat of his cock as it neared my pussy.
I went up on tiptoes as he moved behind me. Mac fetish lip.
He rubbed his cock against me, first poking me in the asshole, then adjusting his aim.
The hot head of his cock finally found my pussy lips and he pushed forward and into me.
“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned as he slid into me.

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He was of a good size and while I was wet, I wasn’t soaking.
I took the pain as he slid back and then thrust hard into me.
After a few more strokes, I had adjusted to him and began to enjoy it.
“You’re so fucking hot!” he said as he fucked me. Iskrennaya www sxs xxcam.
I could only imagine the view he had as his cock slid in and out of my body.
I bet my ass was rippling each time he slammed into me.
I wondered, if, like in the porn movies if his cock was pulling my pussy lips outward on the out stroke, and then went into me as he plunged forward.

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We fucked good and hard for a few minutes.
I had just put my left knee up onto the counter, exposing myself more to his cock when the door opened.
The move I had just done now had me laying partly on the countertop, so I was facing the doorway when he walked inside. Vidio sex italia online.
It was Tom.
“Don’t stop,” He assured the guy with his cock buried inside of me.

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