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I was horrified but my friends all thought it was hilarious.
I played it cool, not letting my true feelings show, and pretended to laugh with them.
By the end of the story a different girl asked if she ratted him out to her parents, to which she said no. The accuracy of carbon dating.
Her reasoning was that she too watches it frequently! Her exact words were “I mean, we all watch it right? We just don’t get caught!”.

I was shocked to hear this.
What was even more shocking to me was that most of the other girls in the group nodded with her in agreement, as if they all did as well. Thick my big booty latina.
All I could think to myself was “How could I be the only one who doesn’t watch it? Porn is so degrading”.
The rest of the day went by and all I could think about was lunch and what my friend had said.

Was I just a prude, or was I the only one of my friends who had any class at all? Uk tv presenters upskirts. I got home that day to an empty house, because my parents were away for the week visiting my much older sister.
It was Monday so I had the whole place to myself for the next seven days.