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This was almost better than sex she thought.
“Across the palm Megan, not the fingers,” her Grandma said, and Megan nodded her head as she raised the cane and carefully brought it down sharply across her Auntie’s hand causing her to catch her breath sharply and yet another tear ran down her face. Fresh sperm flooding my unprotected cunt.
“Hold the chair this time and as that last cane stroke doesn’t count there will be another 13 strokes to come Auntie,” Megan said sharply and bit her lip with a wide grin as her Auntie did exactly as she was instructed. Hot girls nudes with her feet up.
Megan really got into caning her Auntie and there followed a series of single strokes and double strokes but Nina never stood up again.

What she did do was bounce up and down on her toes crying out “no, no, no, oohh, no, no,” but clung on to the chair for all she was worth. Jennifer aniston side boob.
Megan was even more aroused as her Auntie suffered ever increasing pain at her hands.
Megan had dispensed 18 strokes when Grandma said sternly, “Young man, you are fiddling with yourself, which would normally get you a good spanking. Free anal creampie eating vids cfnm.
” Megan heard the comment and said, “Don’t worry Grandma, I’ve already told Tom he is getting a spanking afterwards upstairs.

” “Really?” her Grandma said with a smile.
“Though spankings in this house take place in front of anyone who is around so I guess Tom gets spanked downstairs in front of me, and Nina although she will only be able to listen as she will be facing the wall after she has been disciplined of course, but you can go upstairs afterwards to help him recover. Javascript validating forms on assumption true.
” Megan and Tom looked at each other with very different feelings.

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