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I don’t know this girl, do I take her in my arms and comfort her, tell her it’s going to be okay, we will figure something out.
Torn by indecision I do the safe thing, nothing.
Almost as quick as it starts, she stops, looks embarrassed, and says.
“This is silly of me, crying is not going to get me out of this. Nude webcam tubes.
I have to keep it together.
Okay, I have a broken junk car, no money, and a thousand miles to go.
What am I going to do?” “May I jump in here for a minute?” I ask.
“Sure, go ahead,” she responds, “Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated right now as I have no idea what to do.
” “First thing, I think you need to do is stop worrying. Young female gets cock.
Are you hungry, or thirsty?” I ask? She giggles, “Yes, I am.
Do you have a steak or two in your kitchen?” I chuckle, “Nope, sorry, no steaks.
I do have a pot roast I have been cooking all day in the crock pot.
” “I knew it smelled good in here, I was thinking I smelled it when I got in, but figured it was just wishful thinking as I am really hungry.
” “Dinner coming up,” I say as I go into the sleeper.
“While I am doing this, why don’t you call good ol’ Red back and ask him if he is willing to come out first thing when the roads open and get the car.

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Neither of us is going anywhere on these roads till they do, unless of course you have a sleigh and reindeer in your trunk.
I’m in no rush to deliver this load as I have the excuse now of the roads being closed and I can reschedule it easily. Java 100 free adult sex cam chat rooms.
I won’t just take off and leave you to fend for yourself here in the middle of nowhere,” I reassure her.
She’s still chuckling as she hits redial on the phone, by the time she is done, I have dinner ready. White guy seeking latina.
The next couple of hours is spent eating and talking about who we are and how we got to where we were now.
Like me she has a past, parts of it were rough, but has made the best of it.
We carry the plates into the building to clean them and clean up ourselves for bed. Lecture breast imaging mri.
When we get back in the truck I ask if she wants to watch a movie or go to sleep.
“Chris, I am really tired and if you don’t mind I would really like to get some sleep.
” “No problem,” I respond, “I had a long day myself and sleep sounds good right now.
” I fold down the top bunk and make the bed up for her.

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She stopped by the car and grabbed an overnight bag with I guess what ever she needed to sleep in.
I step up into the front part of the cab and close the curtains separating the sleeper from the front part and tell her to let me know when she has changed and in the bunk. Bikini contestants roxanne.
She calls out to me that’s she’s in bed and I can come back now.

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